Car Parts You Should Always Check Before Leaving Your House

Have you ever gotten yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere and wondered how it all happened? The reason could be simply because you never bothered to check your car before leaving the house. There are a lot of simple things you can fix on your own to avoid such bad experiences. Your car can take you anywhere and everywhere you want to go. But how often do you take time to check the conditions of your vehicle?

It is important that you have regular checks. This is the only way you can stay safe on the road and get done with your journey safely. There are some parts of the car that people often assume they will be working well even if you don’t check. Checking your, for instance, may seem awkward. But wait until you find yourself in a stack in a jam on a hot afternoon. That is when you will realize the importance of such a component.

Some maintenance issues may seem quite simple. But that can make a huge difference when you avoid getting into an accident. Some injuries and bodily harm resulting from cars may originate from negligence, something you can handle with ease.

What are the most important things to check in your car, therefore? The list is long. Our friends in Ratedradardetector covered some of them in their informative articles and guides. In this article, we are going to look 10 essential components you should always check before leaving your home, or at least ones in a while.

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The oil

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This is the most important component that ensures everything runs smoothly in your car. Since most parts of your vehicle are involved in locomotion, issues of wear and tear are inevitable.

The oil ensures each part slides quickly making the engine and other components to work efficiently. There have been situations where automobile engines have stopped working because there was no lubricant. Before leaving your house, always be sure to check not only that there is only, but that you have the right size in your car.

Pressure in your tires

It is quite common for car owners to jump in their cars and speed off. This is a huge mistake that may cost you dearly. Ensure you always have a tire pressure gauge with you. This is easy to use the tool. It shows you the level of pressure in your car and if you need to add. It is essential to check this so that you can avoid a flat tire or a worse situation. Ensure you have checked all the wheel, including the spare. Sometimes you might find yourself in a fix where you needed to change your tire only to realize you don’t even have a spare that works.


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The brakes should always be well checked. Some people wait until there is a screeching sound before they realize something is wrong. This can be dangerous especially if you are going on a long distance. This is a very serious issue that should not be taken lightly.

The steering power

There is some fluid in the steering component that provides power to steer your car effectively. This is a fluid you don’t want to drive without. It will be very bad to find yourself trying to control a car with stiff steering. Make it a habit to always keep it in check.

How your wheels align

You don’t need to check wheel alignment every day but you should have it looked at from time to time. It is easy to notice when something is wrong. It is good not to wait until it is too late. Regular checks can significantly reduce your maintenance cost.

The AC compressor

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A car AC compressor is an important component that will provide a cool feeling inside the cabin in the hot weather. Always make sure it is working properly. And while you are on it, check t the antifreeze/coolant as well. You don’t want a cold temperature to kill your engine.

The thread on your tires

Have you ever driven on the road when it slippery? For instance, when there is too much snow on the road, braking becomes very difficult. You need good traction from your tires and that only comes from good threads.

Have a clean air filter

Have you noticed your vehicle using too much fuel? The air filter may be clogged. Many people don’t even realize this until the cost of fuel seems to be higher than normal.

The fluid in the transmission chamber

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Checking this fluid will ensure your car never fails while you are driving. Have it at the right levels at all times.

All lights

The indicators, parking lights, reverse, headlights, brake lights and all other must be in proper working conditions. This can save you a lot of trouble especially when driving at night.
Well, there you have it, 10 parts you should ensure are working properly. You can then drive comfortably even for long distances.