Casino Slots To Play With Friends This Festive Season

There is a time between Christmas and New Year when no one knows what day it is, no one is wearing anything but sweatpants and slippers, and no one is particularly inclined to make plans that lead anywhere other than the sofa or the bed. During the Bermuda Triangle of time, we snack on leftovers, order takeout when the leftovers are finished, wake up and go to bed at odd hours, and generally lie around relaxing with very little to do. If you find yourself in the middle of one such session but feel the need for something to occupy your time and maybe even some time for your friends as well, we’ve got a great solution for you: online casino slots!

If you’re feeling listless rather than relaxed and need vibrant colors and bright, loud sounds to shake you out of your stupor, spend a little time playing some of our favorite online casino slot games. There’s a kind of slot game for every taste, for every budget, and every kind of person out there. We have a few favorites we know you’ll love; read on for the list!


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Cash Falls

Brought to us by Scientific Games, Cash Falls is a unique slot and takes the link model to the furthest possible extreme. You’ll need to collect a series of balls with numbers or jackpot amounts on them and have them hold on to the reels for a total of three spins. If you fill your entire reel with these balls, you’ll win the value that the balls display. You can get yourself a free game bonus that lets you have another shot and collect all the balls you can. If you’re an observant player, the persistent state reels can present an opportunity for you to pick up a few little wins here and there that amount to a reasonable win at the end of your games. This game is on 50 credit bet increments and is known as an “all ways pays” game. There are a whopping 4608 ways to win here, so opportunities are plentiful.

Squealin’ Riches

If you’re looking for something exciting and entertaining, then Squealin’ Riches is your slot. The theme of cold hard cash is one that never goes out of style, and this Pear Fiction game is no exception. There are 2 tier turbo options in this vibrant slot game, and the vibe is upbeat and positive. We’ve all had that Donald Duck-esque dream of swimming in a room full of gold coins, and Squealin’ Riches takes you to that fantastical place in a slot that has the potential to award solid payouts at every level. There’s a LockWin re-spins feature that features Power Up symbols, potentially scoring yourself bonus rounds and a bonus wheel that offers jackpots of up to 5000 times your original win.


Space Wars 2 Power Points

Step into your wildest dreams of outer space, space aliens, and potential wins with Space Wars 2; Power Points. To start out with, the vibrant colors and cute, quirky design of the little aliens you see throughout the game are a big draw that holds the attention: there’s nothing worse than a boring slot game! The game is full of interesting eye candy, from annoyed, squishy-looking creatures to space jewels to unknown space-type artifacts. NetEnt really knew what they were doing with this one! The Pixar-like graphics are the least exciting thing about this game though: the six reels and six to eight rows offer up many chances to get in smaller and larger wins as you play. You’ve won if you land three or more of the same symbol on one vertical or horizontal line!  The min bet of 0.20 and a max bet of 100 credits offer many budget options. There are several features like PowerPoints, Zapper, Bomb, Bonus Buy, Free Spins, and others that can multiply your wins.

88 Fortunes

The gameplay and graphics in 88 Fortunes are certainly eye-catching, but it’s the potential wins that keep bringing back regular players time after time after time. This three-row, five-reel slow plays like many others, so it’s simple to understand. There are 243 ways to win here, and you’ll recognize the symbols that appear on the reels, making it easy to know when you’ve struck it lucky. There’s a free spins bonus with a unique All Up feature: the more you bet, the more symbols appear, which maximizes your odds of winning. The festive reds and golds on the design are perfect for a silly season round or two. There’s an Asian edge to the slot game as well, which transports you to another place and time.


Wrap Up

These are our favorite slots of the season! Perfect for whiling away a little bit of time on the sofa or enjoying with friends over appetizers and drinks.