Castile Soap and Its Miraculous Benefits

Castile soap is a natural, organic, vegetable oil-based soap which has plethora of uses. It boasts a multitude of uses like washing your face, taking bath and also washing your hair. Yes, you can use castile soap shampoo to clean your hair. Here are a few tips along the way:

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Give yourself some additional time

The procedure is very simple, but it needs some extra time to prep. You need to make your washing and rinsing concoctions before entering the shower, but people can also prep it beforehand.

Dilute as much as possible

Well, as you know castile soap is highly alkaline in nature, hence it may easily disrupt the natural pH balance of your hair if you use it on a regular basis. Hence, it is very important to dilute the soap in purified water. Well you may think that the simplest way is to use tap water, but even the cleanest tap water has heavy metal and chlorine which can be harmful for your tresses.

So, it is important to maintain the ratio of soap to water and it differs from one person to another even on day to day basis. However, with just a little knowledge, you can definitely become a professional. The simple ratio for soap to water is 1tbsp of castile soap to 2 cups of purified water. Commence with it and then make your changes accordingly.

Go for a squeeze bottle

If you glass jars, then you can bar the swift movement to pour the mixture. Hence, it is suggested that you choose a squeeze bottle, especially if you have just started it.

Choose an acidic rinse

This step is important, yes it is very crucial. As castile soap is highly alkaline, it needs you so go for some acidic rinse such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to maintain your pH level. You can choose either of the two or use both, time to time. Dilute the acidic agent in pure water.

You can choose ¼ cup lemon juice or apple cider vinegar in 2 cups of water. You can add a little essential oil to wipe out the smell of apple cider vinegar from your hair. Once you rinse, run cold water on your hair to seal the pores. Make sure you don’t mix the acidic material and castile soap together or they will cancel one another out.

End with an oil

As you will not be using a conditioner, you should use some other way to keep the moisture intact. So, oil is the best solution, but the selection of oil depends completely on you. Whether you want to go for avocado, argan, almond, jojoba or coconut, it is up to you.

Go for a natural dry shampoo

One of the best things about washing your hair with castile soap is that you don’t need to wash your hair as you do with normal shampoo. So, just all you need to do is use some dry shampoo to get the perfectly fresh look.

Never resist from experimenting

Being all natural in your hair care isn’t a simple feat. You need to continue with some experimentation with other ingredients, different brands, but remember to do it with caution and care. Keep this in mind that you have chosen to do this because you love your hair and wish to give more care and nourishment to it. So, put in more efforts to get results. Check out for more information. Gain all useful information and then go ahead.

As castile soap is manufactured from plant based oils, you don’t get deep cleansing, but you also enjoy all the benefits of the healthy nutrients found in them.

Below here are some amazing benefits offered by castile soap:

Easy cleansing without involvement of any toxins: Usually all soaps have hazardous sulfates to get that lather which people are used to but castile soaps has natural lather. It doesn’t involve any chemical. A lot of soaps offer nothing but drying agents, but castile soaps offer natural cleansing and secure your skin. It also has potential antibacterial effect on your skin.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin: Because castile soap is manufactured from secure and simple plant oil, it is considered to be safe for all skin types, even the sensitive ones!

It works great on oily and acne prone skin: The oils available in castile soap reaches the pores and it has antibacterial agents which don’t just clean your skin, but avoid drying it too. It is more alkaline that you can image, hence it gives a lot of people the benefit to manage their skin pH level and to lower acne. So, if you want to balance your skin to natural 5.5 pH, then you should go for it, however, you should check your skin type before doing that, as every skin is different.

Soothes dry and irritated skin and makes it smooth: Castile soap has olive oil which has monounsaturated fatty acids. The healthy fats replenish the water level of your skin leading to a suppler and glowing skin. Also it doesn’t wipe out the natural oil of your skin, so there is no chance that you will have dry or flaky skin.

Hydrates your skin naturally: The oil based soap has glycerin which absorbs water from the air and moisturizes and nourishes your skin naturally!

No gunked up pores: Because it is made from olive oil, castile soap allows your skin to breath calmly and encourages the natural procedure to shed your dead skin cells, while synthetic soaps causes irritation, but castile soap keeps your skin clean and clear.

Natural free radical safety: The soap is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin E and A. Periodic usage of castile soap can help the protection against skin cell degeneration and cause delay aging and wrinkles.

Simplifies eczema and more: Because of high nutrients, the soap has anti-inflammatory compound known as oleocanthal! It helps in reduction of inflammation and helps in curing your bothersome skin conditions.

With so many benefits, you should definitely go for castile soap and use it in your day to day life.