12 Celebrities With Insane Net Worth In 2024

Celebrities, known for their flashy lifestyle and jobs that ordinary people can only dream of, have and make more money than us. We can’t judge them with the amount they have in their bank accounts, but we can have a glimpse of it by looking at their net worths. Well, because they do what they do to make a living and it’s fun, this becomes a dream for many.

But the flashy lifestyle has also been doom for them, too. Like the life of Paul Walker, an actor in the Fast And Furious movies, whose death came from a car accident, when car racing was something he loved. Also, Actor Tracy Morgan had the chance to use a car accident attorney to compensate for his injuries and damage after his accident with a commercial truck.

These celebrities below, however, will surprise you with their net worth. We take a look at some of the celebrities you never expected to have such high net worth, from film to music to socialites to politics, we take them all into consideration.
Celebrities with an Insane Net Worth

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1. J.B. Pritzker: $3.2 Billion

Source: chicago.suntimes.com

The state governor may surprise you, having been worth a staggering $3.2 billion in net worth. The man is worth more than former president Donald Trump with over a billion dollars or so. He remains to be the wealthiest politician alive at the moment. Michael Bloomberg was the richest politician alive at $58 billion in net worth.

2. Keanu Reeves: $350 Million

Source: newyorker.com

Getting his rise from the movie trilogy The Matrix, Keanu Reeves has been cited by many as the most generous Hollywood personality. He’s an awesome actor who has been featured in some of the best films to date, so don’t be surprised to find out that he is worth $350 million.

3. Dr. Phil: $440 Million

Source: oprah.com

Better known for his daytime talk show called Dr. Phil, he may surprise you to know that he is worth almost half a billion dollars. He does his talk shows and is the executive producer of some TV shows like Bull. He also has released some self-help books; with all his income combined, his net worth is $440 million.

4. Ellen DeGeneres; $490 Million

Source: nytimes.com

Almost hitting the half-a-billion mark with her net worth, Ellen DeGeneres is known for her talk show from which she earns a large amount of money. She has also been known to do voice overs for animations, like Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. Adding to her income is the endorsement deals she signs.

5. David Copperfield: $875 million

Source: gregreport.com

The guy worked as an illusionist and was named the wealthiest magician in the world by Forbes. With over ten islands strapped to his name, his Vegas shows seem to be paying him pretty well.

6. Michael Jordan: $1.9 Billion

Source: nba.com

This guy is worth more than Jay Z and LeBron James combined. What’s even more surprising is the fact that he hasn’t played professional basketball in years. Well, he owns an NBA team, which is his biggest moneymaker, not forgetting the royalties he gets from Nike and endorsement deals he still signs.

7. George Lucas: $6.8 Billion

Source: biography.com

For Star Wars fans they know this since he is the creator of the Star Wars Franchise. He held all copyrights to star wars toys which made him a lot of money, and he made even more after selling a production film company to Disney, along with the Star Wars rights.

8. Ed Sheeran

Source: radioas.fm

Could you imagine Ed Sheeran on this list? Well, he may not be as rich as some other people on this list. However, it is worth mentioning him as his net worth is around 200 million dollars. Yet, the more surprising fact is that he can potentially become a billionaire in the next couple of years. THe reason why he is rich? Of course, the tours that he has around the world! For instance, the Divide tour that he had allowed him to earn around 500 million dollars! Of course, the entire amount was not only for him, but it is amazing when you hear that someone can afford to earn that much!

9. Dwayne Johnson

Source: otakukart.com

It is probably better to say that the 8th member of this list is The Rock. As you know, most movies where he appears come with big budgets. That is the reason why it doesn’t need to surprise us why he managed to earn millions thanks to his talent. Despite that, it is worth mentioning that he also collaborates with Under Armour, but he is also a partial owner of Voss Water. While you are reading this article, his net worth is nearly 300 million. Besides, he is the highest paid actor in the entire world, which is another reason why he has that much money.

10. Rihanna

Source: scmp.com

Not listing the richest female musician would be unfair. Most of her money comes for music, but is not the only source of income she has. She agreed sponsorship with some of the multinational companies such as Samsung. Despite that, she is also an owner of Fenty, a company that sells a bunch of clothing and beauty products that she manages to promote through her music. In other words, this lady does a bit of everything. Her current net worth is more than 600 million dollars.

11. Jay Z

Source: rollingstone.com

Jay Z may have 99 problems, but MONEY ain’t one. He is one of the rare billionaires in the music industry (around 1 billion is his net worth). However, just like Rihanna, his talent is not the only thing that ensured him financial stability. Believe it or not, Jay Z is active in three different industries – real estate, art collecting, and champagne business industry. Despite that, he also owns the music streaming service under the name Tidal. Also, he is co-founder of Roc Nation, one of the most popular entertainment companies. Jay Z definitely knows how to act as a professional investor and entrepreneur.

12. Oprah

Source: people.com

Last but not least, the lady that deserves to be on this list is Oprah. ALl the people probably know the sad life story that this lady has. However, tough moments made her become a warrior that managed to become one of the most popular individuals in the entertainment industry. Despite her own TV channel, she also owns a magazine, and creates a bunch of TV shows. Her deal with AppleTV+ helped her improve her career a lot. It seems her career is not going to end soon as her net worth is around 2.7 billion dollars.

Which Industry Wins?

From the above list, we have taken a look at the political, film, and sports industries. There are other celebrities worth more than those listed above, but they still do not surprise you with their net worth. You wouldn’t expect a politician to be worth $3.8 billion, now would you? But the film industry seems to be speaking volumes, too–take a look at Dr. Phil and George Lucas. Surprisingly even magicians could be someday worth billions. But just asking, how much do you think you are worth?