4 Tips for Choosing the Right Material for Your Interior Doors – 2024 Guide

Doors are the most prominent thing in the house. Therefore, a lot of people pay attention to their design and material. A stylish design makes the room attractive. Furthermore, apart from the design, the material is also quite crucial. If the material is not right, you will end up suffering from it.

For example, you can use some metallic frame or sliding ones, if it is between the dressing room and the main room. But the main entrance of the room cannot be of such material. It will not look good. Choosing the right material is not as easy as it seems because you will have to focus on various aspects. That is why you need to seek professional help in this matter. Brico-Valera.com provides you with all the essential information that you will need.

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Different materials

1) Medium-density fiberboard

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Medium-density fiberboard gives a crisper touch to the doors. Although it is not wood after you paint it, it will resemble the wooden doors. The fantastic thing about this material is that it is relatively stable. Furthermore, the wrapping feature is also utterly contrary to the wood. Therefore, because of its exceptional qualities, most of the interior entrances nowadays are being made with this MDF material. In terms of smoothness, MDF has entirely smooth finishing. Thus, because of their smooth finishing, they are relatively easy to maintain. Moreover, painting them is also simple and easy.

Where can you use the MDF materials? Definitely not for the bathrooms. This material absorbs water and gets swollen up. Therefore, if you need to use it for the bathroom, don’t. It will get de-shaped eventually and will ruin the entire look of the room. Contrarily, it is quite suitable for other doors of your house like the bedroom, drawing room etc.

2) Solid wood

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Solid wood doors have long been in the market. Other materials are relatively new as compared to the use of wooden doors. But not every type of wood can be used for making the doors. Therefore, the careful selection of wood type and trees have increased the price. As the demand for certain trees increases, they get utilized unconditionally and that destroys their natural occurrence. Therefore, new trees need to be planted so that the market can be met. Thus, the price increases and that is why not everyone can afford them.

The best wood type is from pine, maple, alder, cherry and mahogany. Every type of wood varies in terms of its classic style, durability, and quality. You can choose the one that suits your needs. For example, if you want to use it for your bedroom, you can select any one of them. But if you need to use it for the bathroom, you have to be cautious of certain things. Woods absorbs water and expands. Moreover, if the weather is too hot, it will get shrink. Therefore, they are not suitable for bathrooms, especially if you need to shower daily.

3) Metal and glass

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Metal and glass doors have gained immense popularity in recent times. All of this is attributed to the ease they bring. They look stylish and can be used for any place. Glass and metal get rid of all the fuss and fitting adjustments that the other materials required. Furthermore, they give a fantastic look to your interior design.

The feature that makes them better than the previous ones is that you can use them for washrooms. They don’t bring the fuss of getting swollen or shrinking. Therefore, they are just right for bathroom doors. But these are widely used for office and washrooms and not for homes. So if you want to use it in your home, it is better to use it only for washrooms.

Talking about the cost of glass and metal material, they are a bit expensive than some of the other things. But despite being this expensive, they are cheaper than solid wood. Solid wood requires more human effort and that is why they are more expensive.

4) Aluminum with glass or wood

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Aluminum doors are somewhat similar to the metal and glass ones. The difference is that you can use wood material and not just glass. That is why they are safer for homes with children. As glass is at a higher risk of getting damaged. Moreover, aluminum doors give excellent versatility in terms of design. You can shape them the way you want. You can choose the color you want, the design you like and every other thing. They are a sort of custom made entrance to your room.

Aluminum has high structural integrity. Therefore, they are safe against external conditions, for example, static abilities and weather conditions. That is why you can use these for interior and exterior entrances of your home and workplace.

In addition to all this, you won’t have to worry about their maintenance. Wooden doors require high maintenance but not aluminum. If you are using it with glass, you will only have to clean it. Thus, they will remain in their original appearance for a long time. The only drawback of using aluminum is that it gets cold. So you have to bear with it. But that’s not a big problem to deal with. Considering the numerous benefits they bring, aluminum framing is getting popular day by day.


Every type of material has its pros and cons. If you are planning to choose the doors for your bedrooms, the best choice you will have is the wooden ones. They are highly firm, warm, and give a natural feel. Furthermore, you can have the design of your choice. But for bathroom doors, the best option is the aluminum and metal doors with glass. As they can bear the moisture and temperature changes. Moreover, they don’t need much maintenance.