The Importance Of Choosing A Proper Wine Glass Shape – 2024 Guide

If you are a true lover of a good drink and enjoy the process of drinking and tasting wine – you will have a clear connection between the taste of wine and the shape of the glass from which you drink. What is the importance of choosing the shape of wine glasses? We will try to answer that question for you.

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Wine And Wine Glass – Inseparable Whole

Of all the alcoholic drinks, probably the greatest love, but also a complex science – is hidden right behind the wine. Apart from the fact that we regularly enjoy our free moments in it – no celebration or important date in our life can be imagined without wine. With it, we kill the monotony of everyday life, heal sadness  – and toast for joy and happy moments. When it comes to serving wine – we can say that it is a special art. Each wine should be served in a suitable glass to present all its qualities in the best way. Wine experts claim that it is very important what kind of glass you drink from and that you should take into account the material, size, shape, and color of the glass. The wine glass must be colorless, without inscriptions and decorations for all the characteristics of the wine to come to the fore.

The Importance Of Choosing A Proper Wine Glass


Creating top-quality wine is a work of art. It is also an art to choose top quality glasses and decanters, next to which the wine will shine in its best light. Different shapes of wine glasses enable the full development of the sensory properties of wine. They are often designed with the help of a sommelier and an oenologist – because a pleasant design is not enough to place a wine glass at the very top of wine consumption products. Material and making such glasses are also important factors. It’s because only the finest glass will reveal the true color of the wine. The long and elegant glass stand will enrich the experience when we turn it in our hand – and the thin and sophisticated rim of the glass will feel good on our lips before we taste wine.

Which Glass Suits Which Wine?


White wine is typically served in smaller, round glasses – because this preserves the floral aromas. It also maintains the lower temperature of the wine – and the aromas are more intense because the glass moves closer to the nose. Red wine is served in larger glasses, also round shaped. Such glasses have a wider edge – due to which the alcohol evaporates faster from the wine and its taste is smoother. Dessert wines are served in small glasses with a narrow rim. The goal is not to allow the alcohol to evaporate – since these are wines with a high percentage of alcohol. Champagne is served in tall, narrow-diameter glasses, as the most important thing here is to capture as many bubbles as possible inside the glass.

Types Of Wine Glasses


In general, a wine glass has three parts: a balloon, a foot, a handle, and the foot. The handles of the wine glass should prevent the wine from heating up by transferring heat from the hands of the person who drinks the wine. According to selterglas, it is enough to have three types of wine glasses in your buffet:

Tulip-shaped glasses

These are suitable for fresh, annual, white wines. Fruity, freshness, youthfulness will be expressed. The same goes for red young wines, where we choose only a slightly larger glass.

Slightly larger tulip-shaped glass

These glasses are suitable for tasting more mature white wines that have matured in wooden containers before bottling. We choose it because more mature wines need more volume to relax when the glass is turned. A similar glass is selected for red wines.

Glasses in the shape of a sliced apple

Such glasses are suitable for fully mature and archival wines that have mainly tertiary aromas. We also make sure that the glasses at the top are slightly narrowed so that the scents merge and remain on the “nose”.

Narrow and tall glasses

As mentioned earlier, the sparkling wine glass is narrow and elongated.

Do Wine Glasses Have to Be Expensive?


To best emphasize all the values of wine, the glass must not draw attention to itself. That is why it should be made of clean, bright, and thin glass – without too many carvings or prints, so that it is not colored or, accidentally, frosted. They should have an elegant shape with a handle, which allows the fingers to be as far away from her body as possible. Not only the appearance, but also the smells and, of course, the taste – can be significantly improved by using properly chosen glasses. They do not have to be too expensive, although like everything else – the more valuable, the more expensive. Renowned producers in the world have raised their work to the rank of the art of the highest level. They designed their glasses according to specific aromatic and fragrant components so that they would come to the fore for certain types of wine. Some of them have, indeed, unusual shapes, but they undoubtedly serve a purpose.

Pouring Wine

Pouring wine is also an important moment. It is very distasteful to pour wine to the very top of the glass. The exception is champagne glasses. If white wine is served, it is poured into a glass – no more than 60% of its total volume. Red wines should not be poured more than 40% of the volume of the glass. Also, the glass should not be touched with the hands – because that can change the temperature of the wine.


Wine exists so we could enjoy it. The truth is that if you pour the same wine into glasses of different shapes – you will feel the difference. What you should do is try your favorite wine in glasses of different shapes – and based on that testing – decide in which glass your wine tastes the most pleasant. Let’s face it, the shape of the glass can’t make good wine out of bad wine – they’re not that miraculous after all.