Chris Pratt Net Worth 2019

Chris Pratt Net Worth 2024

Chris Pratt is one of the most popular actors of the younger generation. He has made a huge name and carrier for himself in Hollywood and he succeeded in acting in many blockbusters and hits. It should be also noted that he did not have a great and easy start, but he was determined to succeed which he did. When he got the opportunity to act in some of the greatest hits of our times, he seized it and used it.

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Personal life

He was born on the 21st June in 1979 in Virginia, Minnesota, the USA. He grew up in a working-class family and it should be mentioned that from the earliest age he wanted to be rich and to be famous all over the world. He finished his high school in 1997 but is should be mentioned that he never graduated from the university since he decided to drop out from a community college.

He had various jobs and the most interesting of these when he worked as a stripper. When he was 19, he was a kind of homeless since he used to live in a van in Maui, an island. This was the time he got introduced to Rae Dawn Chong, a director who decided to give him a shot in Cursed Part 3. He lives in a house in LA, the house has 4,700 square feet.


We know that he seized the opportunity and from that moment he just continued to make success. After the initial film, he also got a role in Earwood in 2002. Furthermore, he got another big role in 2006 when he acted in The O.C. in 2009 he also started acting in Parks and Recreation.

He has made a great success in the film industry and he has acted in some of the best-known films. For example, in 2008 he acted in Wanted, while 2011 saw him in Moneyball. He continued with hits and he also acted in 10 Years in 2011 and Zero Dark Thirty in 2012.

2014 & 2015

This was one of the best years for him since he acted in Guardians of the Galaxy, which was a great hit. This was not it since he also had a role in The Lego Movie. 2015 was even more successful for him since he acted in one of the best known franchise, i.e. Jurassic World. he continued his great work and thus appeared in the sequel of Guardians of the Galaxy and he also appeared in Avengers: Infinity War and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Chris Pratt Net Worth

He has been having a great career full of great films and roles. Apart from this, he is also investing his money and having other endorsements and projects going on.

All this has enabled him to accumulate a lot of wealth and this is the reason why his net worth is estimated at 30 million USD. This actually puts him among the most paid and wanted actors in Hollywood.