5 Vital Signs That Points it’s Time to Clean Your Air Ducts

After installing an HVAC at your property, you might feel that you are done with your responsibility. However, it is far from reality. Unlike a periodic technical maintenance routine, we often forget to give our attention to the cleaning schedule of the air ducts installed in residence.

Similarly, you should also call the Mersey heating experts for periodic maintenance and deep cleaning of your furnace to ensure the smooth functioning of your furnace. Remember, it is an important task that should be resolved without any delays.

The heating experts inform us about such vital signs that are often disguised as some common problems likely to get ignored. This article emphasizes these signs that point towards a significant underlying problem so that you never miss them.


Dust: – Dust is one of the telltale signs that is frequently encountered by the residents. It is ignored by most of the owners as well. As per observation, if you turn on your HVAC system and you find an initial puff of smoke and dust in the air as soon as the airflow initiates, chances are the deeper parts of the machinery are filled with dust that should be cleaned thoroughly. Normally, as the air cycle starts, you are not supposed to see any puff of dust or debris with the airflow. The problem may arise due to dusty air registers, which can be easily cleaned by you. However, if the problem persists, it is due to the dust that has been accumulated in the inner ducts, and it will require immediate professional cleaning.


Odor: – Odor is another significant sign that points out that debris is likely to be accumulated inside the air ducts. Whenever you find an unusual odor and could not locate the reason for it, even after thoroughly examining your residence, the reason is likely to be your air ducts that are stuffed with dust and debris. In this case, call your HVAC technician for expert cleaning to prevent any further issues.

Mold: – Mold and debris are the imposters for creating the blockage within the air ducts. You may find black/brown mildew developing on your air registers system. Similarly, you might notice the dust and debris accumulated at the end of ducts, whenever you remove the air registers. This dust debris creates clogging in the air ducts leading to poor air quality and uneven airflow. To get rid of these molds and debris, it is essential that you call the professional cleaners from HVAC that can successfully reverse the damage. It is also advised that you perform regular cleaning of the surrounding area of your HVAC system so that less dust is accumulated within the tubes. If you live in a dusty area and have pets, cleaning should be done more frequently in order to prevent any severe damage to your heating equipment.


Poor health: – One of the reasons to install an HVAC system is to provide a better indoor environment for the residents. When the residents of your house start suffering from poor health issues, it becomes a problem. If most of these issues are associated with your respiratory troubles, it’s time to get your HVAC inspection done. Sometimes, most early signs of poor airflow are observed as health issues, and it should not be avoided. Some common signs are sneezing, coughing, wheezing, feeling fatigued, frequent allergic reactions, and much more. All these symptoms point towards the circulating dust and debris within the indoor air quality of your home.

Clogged filters: – Another sure sign that your air ducts need cleaning is a dirty air filter of your HVAC system. This issue is frequently encountered in the HVAC system as people often need to remember to replace it until it gets completely clogged, leading to more problems. However, if it is replaced periodically, along with using reliable ultrasonic flow meters, you can avoid the accumulation of dust, and thus, it prevents the need for complete duct cleaning.


Apart from these signs, if you feel that your room is starting to get more dusty than usual and you can not remember when you last cleaned your HVAC and air ducts, its time you get it cleaned without any delay.  There are certain benefits of cleaning your air ducts as well which you should keep in mind:

  • Creating a cleaner living environment – When the dust settles down on any HVAC equipment, as soon as it is turned on, it creeps into the room, which is something that should be avoided. Cleaning it does the task
  • Improving your air quality – Naturally, as soon as the ducts are cleaned up, the air being circulated by the HVAC equipment will also become a better quality air
  • Reducing irritants in the air – Along with the dust, certain irritants are also passed in the environment, which can increase the chances of an allergic reaction. Avoiding that is also a thing which should be kept in the mind
  • Removing smells and odors – In certain cases, a dusty HVAC equipment also creates found odors which definitely cause an unhealthy living situation
  • Improving efficiency – Cleaning up the HVAC system also helps increasing its efficiency. Therefore this is something that should definitely be kept in the mind


Periodic cleaning will ensure that your machinery provides you with the maximum benefits and lasts for decades ahead. Breathing clean air is a vital requirement, so as to stay healthy. If you think your HVAC is displaying you some other problems, call the experts for the maintenance as well as some deep cleaning of your residential airways.