Why Does High Click Per Second Rate Matter For Esports?

The advancements in technology are very important for the development of video games. It is common for some of the most recent titles to be more realistic with outstanding graphics quality and natural gameplay. With an increased quality, the complexity is also increasing. Many video games require skills and experience to be good in them. That is especially the case with shooting games. These titles are quite intense and a good player is a person who can make fast decisions and moves.

With the integration of modern systems, even the clicking rate became an important factor in many games. This rate represents the number of clicks one player can make during a certain period. In combination with muscle memory, it can be a skill that will help you become much better in some shooting or RPG titles.

When it comes to modern hardware, 60 fps is now a standard in gaming. It is proven that having a high-end PC and playing at this rate can provide you with much greater effectiveness. The performance can be even better if you develop a fast-clicking skill. You can check how good you are in cps by visiting clickstest.com.

The gaming industry is now more popular than the music and movie industries and represents the main type of entertainment, especially among younger generations. There are new professions like streamers and pro gamers. Therefore, building gaming skills can help you to make a career. For example, the prices on the biggest tournaments are worth millions of dollars. Fast clicking is one of the characteristics of a good player in shooting games. We are going to introduce you to the importance of this ability and how to improve it.

Better Performance

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The main reason why every player should work on this ability is the fact that it will provide you with faster actions. We know how shooting games can be highly intense. There is always a chance that someone will surprise you. In that case, milliseconds can decide who will get the frag. When you are capable of clicking fast enough, the odds are on your side. It is common for professional players to have a rate of 5 to even 10 clicks per second. Besides the fact that you will be able to react faster, you will also include more damage while shooting because you will empty the charger of your weapons much faster as well.

Moreover, this skill is not important only for shooting games. There are Moba and RPG titles like Dota 2 or WoW, where you will have to deal with various spells and moves to fight your opponents. Also, there are many combinations available and faster clicking will help you to build a character in the right way. When it comes to Dota 2, the best example that will help you understand the importance of this skill is when you are trying to deny and kill the creeps. It is especially important at the beginning of the game to kill and deny a lot of them.

Even if you are not planning to become a pro in any game. Building a set of skills like muscle memory and faster clicking will provide you with more satisfaction since you will win more often. Also, it will become easier to start with any new game. Another advantage is related to your focus. It is proven that pro gamers have excellent concentration and reflexes.

How To Improve This Skill?

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There are different ways to increase the speed of clicking. The best solution is to play more and focus on it. Try different video games that involve a lot of clicking. For instance, you can try some retro strategies like Warcraft 3 or redesigned version of Starcraft 2. The feature of these games is that you will have to control a lot of characters at once. Therefore, the ability to click and making actions can be crucial.

Another solution is to use some of the testers that are available online. You can check your time more often and try to improve it. Tracking your performance is also important. Besides that, having good equipment can be an important factor as well. The modern gaming mouse can provide more clicks per second than some basic versions. It will provide a higher precision as well. If you are using a regular mouse, even if you can click fast with it, the accuracy can be much lower.

Another important thing is the PC. It depends on the game you are playing. In case that you are playing some of the most recent titles, you will need a high-end device and a proper monitor. The reason for that is processing speed. Even if you can click fast, the PC with poor configuration won’t be able to process that. According to many players, warming the hands before you start playing can significantly improve the rate. Besides that, the positioning should be comfortable with the right distance from the table.

The Bottom Line

It can be frustrating if you are losing in your favorite games more often. Some of the most popular titles today are battle royal games and popular shooters like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty. Also, there are many upcoming games in the same genre. Improving your skills will require a lot of practice and time. You will need dedication and focus.
The clicking rate is an additional skill that will help you become even better. When it comes to the importance, it can make a difference in games that requires faster moves and a lot of action. It can help even in chess arcades and card games like Hearthstone, where you have limited turns that could require faster moves in some situations.
Also, you should avoid any other types of controllers when you are working on improving your rate. It depends on your experience in gaming as well. If you got used to playing with a joystick, you will need more time to achieve the proper speed and accuracy with the mouse.