College and Career Readiness Today

College and career readiness are one of America’s clear goals for the educational system. All the students are supposed to graduate from high school education being ready for college learning. The way to college and career is a bit difficult hence the students should be well prepared for it. Most of the students are not well equipped as they do not know what they are required to do in college and also what they are even curious about what to expect from the college coursework, which usually entails writing exemplification essays, outlines, research papers, and other complicated assignments.

By the way, there are plenty of places online, so-called ‘how-to writing blogs’ which provide tips on writing a particular type of paper, such as, Solid Essay,, and, etc. A well-prepared student for a college education is one who has the appropriate skills, knowledge and is academically prepared. Most of the students who graduate from high school are not well prepared for college careers as they think the training is complicated.

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Some of the students fail to join postsecondary careers due to poor performance in secondary schools. There are set standards in which every student should attain to enter the college careers. Some of these standards are set too high for the students to reach them. The students should have K-12 educational careers to graduate secondary school and be able to continue with postsecondary education.

The most rated subjects are English, mathematics, and arts. Every student should have a particular grade in the following subjects for them to proceed with the college careers.

These students, whose performance is inferior, should be assisted by their teachers on how to improve their grades. Parents also should be involved in supporting their children and encouraging them on how to work hard in school and attain good degrees. Good classes go along with the required knowledge and skills.

The state should also play a part in improving performance by providing the resources that are not available in the schools. Resources include the books which will help the student to revise thoroughly. The state also introduced an initiative that joined the educators, experts, and school administrators. The action was supposed to define the knowledge and skills the students have. Lack of proper support for the students also contributes to unpreparedness for the postsecondary educational careers. They should be offered the required support by their teachers, parents and the state. The support may motivate them, and this would enable them to work hard to attain the academic grades required for the college entry.

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They would also acquire the knowledge and skills for their careers. The students need the educators to brief them on what they are required in college and even inform them what to expect in postsecondary education. The state should build support for schools, the school leaders, teachers, and the students. With this, they will help in offering the required support for the students, and this would motivate them to work hard and to be ready to join the college careers that will help them in their future employment.

Some of the standards should be lowered to enable the students to attain college entry grades. Most states have lowered their standards and hence reducing the expectations. Lowering the standards encourage those students who perform poorly to work hard as the grades are now attainable.

The states have also discovered the advantages of postsecondary career readiness and have introduced an initiative that develops a core set of the standards of the three principal subjects and enables the student to know what to do to be successful after graduating from secondary school. There are also some indicators which track the student readiness for college careers.

The signs help in determining the quality of the school and what they offer to their students. They also indicate some of the standards the schools have and whether they are of quality. It also shows the percentage of students who attained the grades to join the university, some of the academic indicators and even credit attainment. The symbols enable the state to rate the quality level of a high school and its performance. Despite the high standards the students still struggle to acquire the skills for careers in college. Most of the schools have less number of teachers, and this affects the performance of the schools. The state is working on increasing the number of trainers in high school to improve the quality of education the school is offering.

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In other schools, the teachers are poorly paid; these are those schools that are in leading poverty areas. The less spent teachers lack the motivation to train the students. The knowledge they are supposed to get from their teachers is not provided to them due to less motivation from their trainers; this leads to poor performance in the affected schools. The state should work on improving salaries to the teachers in those poverty areas.

In conclusion, we find that most of the students who graduate from high school are not well prepared for college careers as they think the training is complicated. This is brought about by the trainers who fail to do their work as they are supposed to do and also the state which is failing to give its support to the schools, the school leaders, and even the students. The lack of quality education makes the student fail in secondary education and is forced to join the remedial classes.

The employers who will offer a job to the student will be forced to provide extra training to them in which the employers dislike. The employers want a person with all the skills and knowledge of the career they have pursued. In case a person lacks the qualifications for the job, it becomes hard for them to get employed and hence remain unemployed. It is good to help the students to have college career readiness.