Come Out Of The SMS Marketing Myths To Prevent A Ruined Strategy

If you are victim to the common myths regarding SMS marketing and believe in them then you are not only ruining your strategy but also depriving your business from the host of benefits this specific type of marketing has on offer.

  • In fact, texting is believed to be the highest graded contact method when it comes to customer satisfaction as compared to all other types and communication channels, but people think it otherwise. That’s right. 
  • Ideally, most of the customers prefer SMS messages over the phone calls, emails, PPC ads, social media posts and others that you may be trying so hard to master and find a way to reap the most benefits out of these. 

On the contrary, if you did not neglect text marketing all these years, you and your business would have been in a higher stratum as you are currently in.

There are different questions that may arise in your mind if you believe in these myths such as:

  • How effective is SMS and whether or not it really works
  • Is it good to invest in bulk SMS ap
  • Is it effective for any type of businesses or is just worthy for those businesses that have big budgets
  • What is the rate of return for such investment
  • How tricky it is to get started and 
  • What special knowledge is required to make it into a successful business marketing campaign?

If any or all of these questions cloud your mind and hinder your decision making, then it is high time you follow the success stories of different businesses that have optimized their SMS marketing efforts as well as their business revenue and growth.

About the myths

However, you are not alone to avoid investing in SMS marketing as there are lots of other business owners who are victims to different myths that surround SMSs and its use in business marketing to engage the customers and raise the rate of potential conversions. 

  • Myth: It performs worse than other marketing strategies.
  • Fact: Text messaging play a very significant role in business marketing strategy.

This is because most of the people own and use a smart phone and text is the most commonly used feature on it. In fact, several researchers have found that texts best email and direct mail marketing by far when it comes to open rate, response time, and conversion rates.

The average CTR or Click through Rate of text messages is a staggering 45 % in comparison to email that ranges between 6 and 7% only.The average open rate of emails is between 28 and 33% but in comparison that of the text messages is almost 99%.

That means, when you use SMS in your marketing, you will not only reach a larger audience but will reach them most successfully and effectively as compared to emails. 

  • Myth: It does not work for older people.
  • Fact: Older people also use smartphone nowadays.

This means, it will make enough sense to use SMS marketing if your business targets only older people instead of following those old school offline methods such as billboard advertising and radio or TV commercials. 

It is seen in Pew research on smartphone ownership across advanced economies that more than 67% of adults of 50 and above owns a smartphone and it is only a small 6% of people who do not use any mobile phone at all.

The great news of the Pew research is that even the older generations check their mobile phone about 85 to 150 times a day on an average and that too without requiring knowing the advanced features or being a huge social media buff or an ardent mobile internet user. It is required to have the basic knowledge to operate a phone and ability to read the text messages.

  • Myth: SMS marketing works well only for big budget companies.
  • Fact: It works well even for an SMS.

The fact that you can send SMS to any type of person using any type of phone makes it even worthy for small and medium businesses for an investment. According to the cost of sending SMS’s is very low, even lower when you use smart tools and apps such as the mass text app, makes it all the more feasible and prudent to invest in such type of marketing campaign. 

Therefore, there is no need to be a Google or an Amazon to ensure that you have a huge revenue source for your small business.

  • Myth: Commercial text messages can look like a spam.
  • Fact: It is a misinterpretation of truth.

Marketing texts, even if you use short code numbers instead of those long 10 digit mobile phone numbers, will not look like a spam of the consumers who know how to differentiate between the two.

In fact, there are more than 75% of people who prefer to receive offers and info through an SMS rather than any other forms or marketing. 

In addition to that, another promising fact is that more than 66% of people who have already subscribed to the text message marketing list of a specific company usually make a purchase only when they receive a text message and that too only one such message.

This proves that SMS marketing will provide you with an incredible return. Rest assured that these short messages will not look like spam or feel to commercialized. Since you will always provide something in return and an incentive, the recipients will surely be encouraged to buy your product and thereby get a better chance to convert a few of them if not all of them to your subscriber’s list.

  • Myth: Difficult to manage SMS campaigns.
  • Fact: It may be tricky but with a proper plan it is not difficult at all.

The fact is that, you will not even have to pass a single mobile phone around the sales department to manage your SMS campaigns. There are several useful tools and software to help you in sending texts, responding to questions, storing contact details, and viewing the campaign results from your computer.