How to Create Your Personal Fashion Style

Many people may trivialise the full potential of fashion. However, developing a unique style that defines your personality is probably one of the best ways to communicate. It is a statement of your creativity that shows an initial and lasting impression of who you are. Your manner of dressing reflects your personality and lifestyle and helps you express who you are. It also epitomises the kind of person you hope to be. Apart from influencing what people think about you, your fashion style is also a means to achieve your goals and be around people you want to be with, those on the same wavelength as you are.

Personal style is a distinctive blend of various fashion types such as classic or modish that sums up your lifestyle, from your activities to the things you like. Though different fashion styles may influence you, you will veer towards one that defines you the most. Click here for a selection of quality linen and other fabrics to suit your outfits’ design in mind.

Creating your style takes time, but there are some ways to discover how your clothes can work to your advantage and showcase your unique personality.

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Consider clothes you feel most comfortable wearing


No matter how many outfits you have hanging in your closet or how much you enjoy shopping, you will always find yourself attracted to a particular style. As you sort through your wardrobe, you may even notice several pieces that are somewhat similar in design. These are the clothes you prefer because they make you feel comfortable and know you look good in them. Still, it is essential to understand what type of silhouettes suit you and make you feel good. Experiment with clothes. Look at yourself from all angles. You can even take pictures of yourself in these clothes and see how well they fit your figure. There is a reason why you are drawn to these designs. These are outfits that make you look and feel good and best define your personality.

Look for inspiration and experiment

Find people who inspire you with the way they dress. You can begin with those closest to you, such as family members or friends. If you find yourself attracted to their style, you can start trying out designs that you see them wearing. You can also look through fashion magazines or go through fashion blogs that offer tips on becoming more fashionable while creating your own identity with the clothes you choose to wear. In addition, you can learn a lot from fashion experts and determine what fashion style speaks more about your personality than others. However, one thing to keep in mind is that some styles that look good on others may not have the same effect on you. Thus, experiment with your choices and see which flatter your body shape and showcase your personality.

Identify what you want to achieve


Part of creating your fashion style is deciding what you want to achieve. It may be to get a much-coveted job or attract the right partner for a life-long commitment. It would be a good idea to put your objectives down on paper and contemplate what type of design and accessories you think will help you realize these objectives. For instance, aiming for that high-powered job should require you to have more clothes suitable for that purpose, such as tailored pants or knee-length skirts paired with white tops. Accessories should be simple, like stud earrings and a classic-style watch. Casual attire like jeans and knits are suitable college attire, should you want to study again.

Check out your existing clothes and make some modifications

Creating your style does not necessarily call for purchasing a completely new wardrobe. Instead, you should go through your closet and find out what modifications you can make to update them. You may make a few purchases, such as some accessories or a nice pair of shoes that you think will complement the outfits you have. When you go shopping, be a little more adventurous and visit places you haven’t been to before. These boutiques and shops may have what you are looking for and define your personality. Learn how to update clothes that you can still wear and own. Old jeans can be altered and made into shorts or capri pants. If you have a dress that you have not worn for a while, you may want to try it on with some accessories that you never tried before. Your wardrobe will indeed have clothes that you love wearing. Make them look new by mixing and matching pieces. Experiment with different outfits and see how you can reinvent them so they are more stylish and suited to your personality.

Consider your comfort at all times


It would defeat the purpose of creating your style if you are uncomfortable with what you have on. For example, you should not force yourself to wear stiletto heels if you are more relaxed in flat shoes. You would only look awkward and ill at ease walking around. If skin-tight jeans keep you from relaxing while you try to squeeze in your tummy, reconsider your attire. Before you go shopping, you may want to look at what you have in your closet to inspire you. Your favourite pieces are right there and you should think about why you like wearing them. It may be the type of fabric that you like and the way it flatters your figure. It can also be the design that suits your personality and invites compliments from people around you. These clothes are what you should have in mind when you decide to shop for more clothes. Also, avoid rushing when you shop. Take the time to try on different pieces and see how it looks and feels. You want to come home excited with your purchases and be sure that they are exactly what you wanted.

You are what matters

Often, we focus on dressing up to impress others, even when it means sacrificing our comfort or losing our identity. However, creating your fashion style is all about you. While it is true that you are required to dress suitably for various occasions, It is still what you feel suits you best that matters. You can listen to the opinions of others around you, but you still need to go with what you want. If not, you may end up dressing up according to what people decide looks good on you instead of developing your unique style and feeling good about it.

Developing your style is not about restricting yourself with clothes that you should or shouldn’t be wearing. Instead, it is trying on different pieces, discovering which ones are akin to your personality, and creating great impressions anywhere you go.