How Will Cryptocurrency Change The Existing Global Economic Order?

It is an undisputed fact that cryptocurrency is causing massive changes in the way people make money. Trading with these has seen tremendous growth recently as more people have begun investing in cryptocurrency.

Skilled traders continue to make money, and inexperienced ones lose money. It is often due to the lack of knowledge of the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will look at the impact of cryptocurrency on the existing economic order.

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Top 6 Ways Cryptocurrency Will Change The Current Economic Order

Blockchain technology, which cryptocurrencies work on, is capable of making changes to the way governments and people operate. You will see what changes it can bring about to the economy by scrolling down the following aspects.

1. Faster Cross Border Payments


One of the problems faced today is how international trade happens. The capability of logistics has increased in leaps and bounds in recent times. The ability to send goods from one country to another happens in a day or two.

However, the capacity to make instant payments has not changed much. There are times when it takes 4-7 business days for a payment to be made from one trader to another. Apart from lost time, traders also experience problems when there is a delay in the payment for goods.

Wire transfer, bank transfer, and other payment modes take a lot of time to be sent across borders. It often puts the traders on both sides under undue stress. Businesses have incurred losses due to delays in traditional payment modes.

It can completely change with the use of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies used today provide traders the ability to transfer money in seconds. It means that traders would enjoy instant payments for their goods.

The economies of both countries could get a boost with cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Because of quick payments, there will be no loss of time or money for traders. It can help the economy as it encourages more traders to trade across domestic and international borders.

2. Lesser Fees for Transfers

Traditional transfers across international borders have a lot of fees. One part of the fee goes to the banking system, while another goes towards the exchange. A lot of money is lost in this process, and traders often have no choice but to pay them.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies has changed the system dramatically. The fees for transfers are only a fraction of what the traditional banks charge. Therefore, fewer amounts of money are lost in the transferring process or while making international payments.

It also has a lot of impact on the economies of both countries involved in the trade. International trade of goods boosts the global economy too. So, trading goods and making international payments with fewer fees means more trades happen daily.

3. New Online Trading Platforms

There have been plenty of online trading platforms like These platforms allow people from anywhere around the world to trade with cryptocurrencies. Millions of dollars are traded using cryptocurrencies each day.

This trading invariably boosts the economy of a country. Each dollar spent or earned contributes to the respective country’s economy. Therefore, online trading is one of the ways cryptocurrency is boosting or helping individuals, companies, and even nations.

4. Transparency


Implementation of Blockchain technology in various sectors can help boost the global economy. Often, funds sent to governments are not traceable. In turn, it paves the way for the money to be used for corruption. The politicians specifically make use of this to earn illegitimate income.

However, with blockchain technology, this can be made impossible. It is due to the transparency factor that comes with using blockchain technology. Every penny that goes through blockchain technology can be accounted for and traced.

A layman would get to know what purpose his funds are used for. It also ensures that there are no gaps left unfilled in the finances. By using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the global economy could see a significant change in its operating methods.

On the other hand, a person looking to send funds to someone or an organization does not need to share their financial information. It means that data is protected using this technology. Therefore, it makes it impossible for hackers to get access to this information.

5. A Source of Alternative Credit Information

About 1.7 trillion dollars are in a financial gap, which makes small market establishments (SMEs) suffer a great deal. It is due to their lack of proper credit information from traditional bankers. Getting loans for them becomes a difficult task for their business.

With a robust system, cryptocurrency transactions can be made available to lenders. With this technology, they can find how much loan an SME could be allowed. With a boom in SMEs, the global market trend could shift, which means more business in a quick time.

SME owners could expand their businesses by being able to obtain loans. It is possible once a cryptocurrency is accepted by SMEs. We are already seeing this happen as cryptocurrencies are getting accepted as a mode of payment.

6. Safety

A lot of money is being lost due to hacking and improper security measures by different organizations and agencies. However, with cryptocurrency, transfers and payments can be secured using blockchain technology.

It can be considered one of the prominent factors in the financial industry. With no money lost to shady elements, you can be assured that all your transactions using cryptocurrencies are safe. It helps the global economy because the transactions are safe.


With so many aspects to consider, trading, transacting, and using cryptocurrency each have their own set of advantages. Everyone feels safer when they transact using cryptocurrency. It adds to the economy of each country. This directly impacts the global economy too.

You can find information about cryptocurrencies from blogs and articles that specifically discuss this topic. You can learn about trading platforms and how to use cryptocurrencies while remaining safe with your internet transactions while using them.