What are Some CryptoCurrency Trading Tricks?

Every day we listen to different news regarding cryptocurrency and its market status. With the advancement of time, cryptocurrency has gained significant reputation and is growing all across the globe. It has encouraged investors to trade with cryptocurrency.

Are you one of those persons who is confused regarding trading with cryptocurrency? Probably yes. There is no need to worry anymore. Here is this article; we will highlight some of the best cryptocurrency trading tricks for you. So, stay attached and read the article till the end carefully.

Before moving towards the trading tricks, you must understand that profitable cryptocurrency trading requires a lot more attentiveness. It is not a gamble. Apart from these tricks, you must also pay close attention to the market forces of demand and supply so that you come to know when this or that tip applies.

Having that being said, let’s now explore some of the trading tricks that will help us to deal with cryptocurrencies.

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Be Aware


Your initial stage when getting into the Cryptocurrency market to make sure you understand what it is. How Cryptocurrency works and what the potential benefits and disadvantages maybe. As the demand for Crypto is so volatile, researching is essential. Most experienced brokers and investors are not able to foresee where the market is heading towards quickly.

Get The Concept Of Values

The market of Crypto has been in the hotline of the globe’s best investment organizations for being so volatile. Understanding how the price of altcoins is affected can be somewhat confusing, but the value of each coin is commonly affected by others.

Be Wary of Exchange platforms


There are some crucial questions you can ask yourself while looking for a Cryptocurrency Exchange application or website

  • The reputation of Exchange?
  • Rate of exchange fees?
  • Does the Exchange need ID?
  • Are their process of payment safe and secure?

As the boom of Crypto created hundreds of billions of dollars from coin holders, so many Scams and suspicious Exchange channels have Popped up, so make sure that the platform you choose is entirely authentic.

Select a Wallet


Selection your bitcoin and altcoin wallet will consist of your security demands and whether you are a short or long term investor.

Leading Cryptocurrency wallets includes;

  • Paper Wallets
  • Hardware wallets
  • Software wallets
  • Hot Wallets
  • Cold wallets
  • Multi-signature wallets

Never Be Tempted By Leverage

Some coins are precious; it’s trying to utilize broker loans or leverage, to invest money in Crypto. Nevertheless, this provides you the capability to boost your profits. It can also be caused by an increased deficiency of the market converts into negative. Thus, newcomers must steer clear of broker loans as leverage can enhance the danger of trading more than your first deposit. You need to use your funds to learn the market and keep your losses minimum.

Come with a Proper Motive for Each Trade


Having a proper motive for getting into the cryptocurrency trade is the most important thing. Whether your purpose is day trading or scalping, you must have a clear cause in your mind regarding starting trading with cryptos.

You must realize that digital trading currencies are a zero-sum game. It means that for every win, there is a corresponding loss, i.e. someone wins, and the other loses.

Large Whales control cryptocurrency Market

Remember that large whales control the cryptocurrency market. It is similar to the ones that place thousands of Bitcoins in the market order books. These large whales have patience, and they wait for innocent traders like us to make mistakes which result in putting our money in their hands.

So, you have to be very careful in dealing with these large whales, especially at the start.

Set Profit Targets and Be Aware of the Stop Losses

Every trade you make requires that you must know when to stay in that and when to get out. You must be wise enough to step back when you realize that you are not making a profit. By developing a precise loss level, you can cut your losses. However, this skill is scarce in most of the traders.

Choosing the stop loss is not a random activity, and you shouldn’t be carried out by your emotions. Hence, you must be wise enough in deciding the stop loss level for your trade.

Be aware for FOMO

FOMO stands for fear of missing out. This is amongst the significant reasons why most traders fail. You have to clearly analyze the situation and take the wisest step accordingly. Be realistic. Never assume that you will make too much profit in no time.

There might be people who would be telling you to jump in. Be aware of them. These are those whales that might be smiling and watching you buy the coins that they bought earlier at low prices. So, don’t get trapped into these traders and be very careful in your actions.

Calculate Your Risks


It is usually said that “Little pigs eat a lot, but the big ones get eaten”. This phrase most significantly holds when it comes to trading cryptocurrencies. Do not take unnecessary risks and be a wise trader. A smart trader never runs in the direction of massive profits.

The best idea is to gather small and sure profits through regular trades from bitcoinup.io.

Don’t Buy Because the Price is Low


Many beginners make this common mistake of buying coins when their prices are lower. The affordability or cheapness of a coin has nothing to do with the cryptocurrency trading.

Instead, the decision of buying a particular cryptocurrency should be based on its market value. Cryptocurrency, like other conventional stocks, is marketed by its market caps.

So, don’t get trapped to anyone who urges you to buy a particular coin just because it is low in price.


So, these were some of the useful tips for you if you are planning to trade with cryptocurrencies. If you carefully act upon these advises, you will succeed in your trading and will surely enjoy a good cryptocurrency trading experience.