Cyber Essentials and IASME-Is Your Company Safe from Hackers?

With the growing interest in the use of Information Technology, the use of online space for business has also increased. Over the internet, there are millions of businesses rendering their services to their customers.

Since the past few years, hackers and cyber-criminals are also growing with the rapid ratio. Due to this, several companies suffer each year by suspicious attacks by hackers. Now, it has become critically important to protect a business from hackers.

Companies are adopting the cyber essentials and IASME certifications, along with many other effective strategies to protect them. If you are also operating online, it is mandatory for you to evaluate whether your company is safe from hackers or not.

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How to make a company safe from hackers?

The best thing to do this is to get the cyber essentials and IASME certification for your enterprise. You can find more information with Cyber Smart.  Both of these assures that your company is completely safe against cyber threats. Before you proceed to know in-depth about these, first learn about what is cyber essentials and IASME:

Cyber Essentials

It is a UK government-supported scheme that is specially designed to protect organisations against cyber-attacks. By attaining the cyber essential certification, you can reduce the online threats to your business by up to approximately 80%.


IASME stands for Information Assurance for Small and Medium Enterprises (IASME). The best thing about IASME is that it completely supports the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements. It is introduced to provide a complete package to the organisations for protecting them against all kinds of threats over the internet.

Cyber Essentials and IASME’s role in keeping your company safe from hackers

Both of these play a very significant role in keeping your enterprise safe from hackers. To do so, they ensure the five technical key controls for your business.

Internet gateways and firewalls

IASME and cyber essential audits test the internet gateways and firewalls of your company. In this way, they ensure whether your company’s software and hardware are working as required or not.

Access controls

Through access controls, these standards play a vital role in control the access to the company’s sensitive data. They ensure that not all of the company’s information is accessible to all, but only to the relevant authorities. In this way, the chances of cyber-attacks to a company reduce to the minimum.

Secure configurations

Through cyber essentials and IASME, your enterprise keeps operating safely and securely by practicing secure configurations. These standards allow setting the secure configurations on all of the systems of a company to provide more excellent protection.

Necessary patches

To stay safe from hackers, your company must have some essential patches embedded into its systems. IASME and cyber essentials are a great way to meet this objective.

Malware protection

If you haven’t taken a step towards malware protection, your enterprise is not safe at all. Through IASME and cyber essentials, you can set useful and in-depth malware protection for your company.