6 Dangers of Meeting in Person With Someone You’ve Only Met Online

We are using the internet for learning new things, meeting new people, or looking for a partner. Because of the current situation with the pandemic, this has become one of the few tools to communicate with people.

However, if you have communicated with someone only using the internet, you should be careful when you are meeting them first because there are a few dangers that can happen if you have not been careful. They can graduate from only being left off, to endanger your life.

To prevent that, you should think things through, and you should plan out the whole adventure, with strategies that you can pull of if you are not feeling the meeting at all.

In this article, we are going to talk about some of the dangerous situations that can happen when you are meeting someone that you have only communicated online with, and things that you should do to be safe when you go out.

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Not showing up

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One of the things that are less dangerous is when the person you’ve been anticipating to meet does not show up. Although this is not dangerous for you physically, it can hurt your feelings, and you might end up in a situation where you stop yourself from trusting other people and have a complete change in your mood. You might feel ashamed, and that might affect you longer, however, it is still better than the other things that might’ve happened.

Meeting with a person that does not look like the one you have talked to

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Being in a situation like this one is more tragic than funny, but it still happens to some people. You talk to someone for a long time, and you end up having a connection with them and you decide to meet up. If you have never seen them on a video, or they have sent you one from someone else, you will get the wrong picture of them. That is why you should engage a video call first so you can be sure that you are talking with the same person.

When you meet, you see a completely different person, waiting on the place where you have agreed on, and they are calling for you meaning that they are the one, when they clearly don’t look like the person you have talked to. You will feel bad because of the time you have spent talking to them, and because the plans you were talking to, made you believe in something. This is still not as dangerous as the other things, but it will surely have an impact on your mental.

Have things stolen from you

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When you meet up, especially if it is in a place that you are not familiar with, or you happen to go there at night, you might end up getting mugged, and being left with nothing on you, at a place that you don’t really know. And that puts you in a situation that is bad. You don’t know anybody there, and you don’t know your way home, so the feelings that you will get there might scar you for a long time. That is why you should make sure that you are having in-person communication for the first time in a place that you know well, and that there are people around. Also, you should definitely do this thing in the daytime, to be sure that everything will be okay.

Being harassed

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If you are meeting with a person that you don’t really know, you have no idea what they are planning to do. While they are telling you different things, they might be thinking of doing something bad to you or using you in some kind. That is why you should be careful in situations like these. Make sure that you plan everything out, and don’t leave any open spaces for them to take that advantage.

Having your life at a cost

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The worst thing that can happen is to endanger yourself and put you in a situation that can end badly. You can arrange a place and time with the person to see them for the first time, and if they offer to pick you up, you should definitely deny that. They might take you away and the rest doesn’t need to be spoken. Make sure that you go there on your own, and you tell your friends with who you are going out, so if something happens, they can react. Also, make sure that you give their information to them, like phone numbers and similar things that you know for a better reaction.

Things to do to be safer

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To avoid things happening to you, make sure that you prepare yourself well for this. Firstly, even before you plan on going out, use your skills to look for more information about them. Check their profiles, talk with people you know in case someone knows something about them. When you have the conversation to meet up, make sure that it is on your terms, so you can have everything planned out to be safe. Make sure that you go out while it is daytime, and pick a place that you know, and that you have planned how to get out of there if something is happening. To stay safe when meeting people online, it is best to use more reliable apps such as ChatSpin.

Also, make sure that you are going there on your own, and don’t let them pick you up because of the things that can happen. When you get there and meet up, make sure that you are not leaving your cups or plates with them to avoid getting spiked. In the end, after all these preparations, make sure that you have a good time with them, if you happen to be in a situation where you don’t feel good, just go home, and ask someone who works there to accompany you while you are doing that.

You should do all these things if you are a meeting with a boy, however, if you are meeting with a girl, you should let her choose the places to make her feel comfortable, and make sure that you don’t take advantage right away, or speak about things that lead there. Make sure that you have a good time, but you are well protected while doing that.