Debunking Some Rumors About Botox

It’s very likely you’ve heard of Botox. Whether on the internet, from a conversation, read about it in an article, wherever it may be. It is a big part of our culture, even if you’re not that much interested in the beauty industry. Botox just so happens to be the most utilized compound for skin smoothing and anti-aging.

It’s one of the safest compounds in the beauty industry, it works very fast and the results are staggering. So, many clinics praise everything that Botox is capable of and utilize it as one of their staple treatments. And Botox NYC clinics’ favorite anti-aging treatment, is widely available in big cities and across the world. You can read more details about Botox NYC here .

So it’s very likely that you know someone who’s gotten treated with Botox or you yourself may be thinking about getting treated. But there is one problem: all the rumors. As with anything else that’s popular in life, you get a huge set of rumors, most of which are dead wrong. Which is why in this article we’ll take a look at some of the most widespread rumors about Botox, debunk them and see how they spread misinformation about this amazing treatment.

I’ve seen photos of puffed up celebrities, who look like plastic dolls. Is this going to happen to me too if I get treated?

Short answer: no. Long answer: It’s all about knowing your limit. Anything good in small doses can become a real problem once you start using it too much. Those photos that you see of the plastic looking celebrities, with those huge chins and lips, are people who have gone in for far too many treatments than they should have.

If you keep the Botox limited and you listen to the medical professional’s advice on how much you should get, then there is no way you can look like a plastic doll. It’s really all just about not going overboard, but that’s the case with anything really. Water is basically our lifeblood, but if you drink way too much of it, you could actually damage your body. So, it is no different; you get way too much of it, you’ll see this plastic effect, but if you use it in small portions, with more care, you’ll look absolutely natural.

The Botox compound has been developed to such an extent, that it’s very hard to discern between a treated and untreated face.

There are photos of botched Botox treatments floating around the internet. How safe am I from this?

Botched Botox treatments are an unfortunate reality, but a very rare occurrence. It all depends on the kind of clinic you go to. This means picking one out that’s had a good track record of good treatments, that has seasoned professionals working there who know the ins and outs of the industry and that you’ve seen their previous work and know what to expect.

Unfortunately, other than speaking with your medical professional before going for an appointment, the botching of treatments is really out of your agency and depends on the specialist who’s treating you. The best you can do is simply choose more carefully. Don’t just go with lowest prices, no matter how enticing it may be. Try looking for clinics with good track records and satisfied clients.

It works by puffing up the face, making the skin all bubbly as it fills areas under the skin with some weird goo.

Nope, absolutely wrong. And also, completely different kinds of treatment. Botox doesn’t fill your face with anything. It works in a more complicated manner. The Botox compound, or its proper name the botulinum toxin is, is capable of temporarily paralyzing muscles.

When injected into the face, it paralyzes the constantly tense facial muscles, allowing the skin above them to smooth out the wrinkles. It doesn’t puff up your face or fill it with anything; it simply stimulates the muscles to start working less.

It can be very dangerous.

Also a big nope. Well, to be fair, anything can be very dangerous. Your trip to the mall could be dangerous or your lasagna making process could too. But one thing you need to consider is that the clinics’ primary concern isn’t giving you the best results, but rather ensuring your safety. Same goes for the compound.

If Botox was the greatest anti-aging compound around but there was a chance of it hurting your health, it probably wouldn’t be as popular as it is now. With constant research and development, the compound has been engineered to be as safe as it possibly can. But if you don’t trust me, you can always trust an official federal body, like the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) who approved Botox as a safe form of anti-age treatment a couple decades ago.

Botox must be super expensive. If all my favorite celebrities have gone through it, chances are it’s worth a fortune.

A couple decades ago this would have been the case, but the reality of Botox prices is that it’s actually much, much cheaper than you think. It’s hard to give you even a general price, since it really depends on what you’re treating and how much Botox will be used during the treatment, but regardless, Botox is still quite affordable nowadays.

For example, if you’re looking for a clinic with some good prices on Botox and you happen to live in NYC, you can always try PLACEHOLDER and their Botox NYC treatment plan, which covers you with some of the best Botox in the city, for a price that won’t break your bank. And with seasoned professionals on the helm, you’ll go through a safe treatment and find some amazing results afterwards.

But regardless of which clinic you go to, these debunked rumors will still stand. So don’t listen to the random rumors that fly through the internet and start looking at Botox from a different lens, knowing that it makes so many people across the world confident in their own bodies.