5 Ideas For Decluttering Your House Before You Move

Moving is one of life’s best chances to get rid of a few unnecessary stuff. Everyone loves things, but space is a commodity as well, and room is scarce in New York and other places like it. When confronted with every single object in their home, people can analyze each item individually and decide whether they should keep it or get rid of it to recover more value. Value can return in the form of space, but it can also return in the form of cash, as many of the items people trash can be resold. It might be difficult to reach firm conclusions when examining items that could be “decluttered.” A few ideas can help someone who is packing and relocating think about how they want to conduct their decluttering.

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1. Begin with some questions

Maintain a list of guidelines or essential criteria to examine while evaluating your belongings to determine if they bring greater value inside or outside your home. This should include how these objects will be used in the new home particularly, as well as how they could be used elsewhere. Consider the following questions:

“Do I regularly use this item?” ”

“How simple is it to replace this item?”

“Is there any sentimental value in this item?”

“Would this item be handy in my new home?”

“Would donating this item to a charity benefit someone in need?”

“Would I be able to recuperate a reasonable sum of money if I sold this item?”

2. Get rid of it, donate it, or sell it

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When these objects leave their owner’s hands, they can go wherever. When an apartment renter moves out, they can sell their couch to a neighbor and donate their winter coat to a local charity. Some goods cannot be rehomed but are not worth keeping for the original owner and should be discarded. When the individual moving decides not to keep one of their items, they should choose which of these three possibilities to pursue each item. This is particularly useful if you are relocating across the country.

3. Sell in the best location possible

When someone intends to sell something, they must pick the best platform to sell it on. A post on Craigslist is usually a smart idea, but there are other locations to advertise stuff for sale as well. Sites specific to the type of item you’re selling, such as AptDeco for furniture or Poshmark for clothing, can be useful. Numerous Facebook groups for specific specialty things such as music merchandise, sports memorabilia, headwear, and virtually anything else you own might entice an outside audience.

4. Choose the best charity

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Certain products, such as winter essentials (blankets, stockings, and coats) or food, are better used as charitable donations. Charities such as the Salvation Army frequently allow clients who are moving to schedule pickups for larger items such as furniture. Individuals who do not have the means or the time should take advantage of the opportunity to have much of the hassle of contributing removed. Individuals who are moving out of their houses and have the time to donate a few goods to a local non-profit can make a significant difference in the lives of vulnerable and oppressed members of their community by donating their time and excess belongings.

5. Items should be disposed of correctly

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Someone getting rid of something may believe they are free to leave it anywhere they want. This is not the case, particularly in major cities. Every city has its disposal regulations, but New York is very stringent about when huge things can be dropped. Electronics disposal might be just as difficult. Anything that can be recycled should be recycled. Things that are simply rubbish are more difficult to dispose of. Typically, apartment tenants have building managers who stipulate where these larger objects must be placed. Furthermore, these building managers may only allow these objects to be disposed of on specific days to prevent a pile from forming that blocks off portions of the apartment complex.


Decluttering your home before a move can be a daunting task, but it’s an opportunity to let go of items that no longer serve you and create a fresh start in your new home. By starting with some questions, such as whether an item is regularly used or has sentimental value, you can begin to assess its value and decide whether to keep, donate, or sell it.

Selling items in the best location possible, choosing the right charity, and disposing of items correctly can all be important steps to take during the decluttering process. At Empire Movers & Storage, we understand the importance of decluttering before a move, and we’re here to help you with all your moving and storage needs. Contact us today to learn more and make your move a success!