Denver Despairs for Ms. Grande, IG Bans Plastic Surgery Filters

If you’re a daily Instagram user, you might’ve noticed recently that the platform has made some changes to their filter policies. Spark AR is a third party company that works for Instagram. Their responsibility is the design and production of many of the filters available to users.

In addition to producing filters, they also accept user-submitted designs and review them for production. If approved then the designers are compensated – this style of user-submitted work has made the dream of being an independent artist a reality for many. However, in a recent Facebook post, the company announced that they would be removing any filters associated with plastic surgery.

Apparently, this is in line with their updated “wellness policies,” which are presumably designed to ensure an atmosphere of positivity for users. However, it’s unclear how this updated policy will affect third-party content creators, as well as any Instagram accounts which have to do with plastic surgery. A top plastic surgeon of Denver could suffer less page promotion, due to the inability to produce plastic surgery-themed filters.

Other Filters Will Remain On the App

While filters like the one that famously gives you puppy ears and a tongue will remain on the app, any filter associated with plastic surgery even remotely will be removed. These include the controversially named filter “Fix Me,” which depicts realistic dotted lines and surgery markings you’d see on a cosmetic surgery patient’s face prior to surgery.

Obviously, Spark AR doesn’t want to seem like they are promoting or advocating for plastic surgery as a way to “fix oneself.” However, this is a fine line they are treading, because plastic surgery is something that has been undergone by many Instagram users. How is someone who has gone to see a top plastic surgeon of Denver supposed to feel about a plastic surgery filter ban, reports in their article.

Ariana Grande Suspected of Plastic Surgery

Ariana Grande

The singer and popular actress Ariana Grande has been accused of plastic surgery in recent articles. Additionally, Instagram users have commented similar accusations, accusing the pop star of receiving nose jobs and possible lip fillers, based on how drastically the pop culture princess’s contouring jobs have changed. Potentially, Instagram could be trying to avoid similar situations arising in the feeds of other IG users. Especially considering the fact that regular users won’t have the loyal fans defending them that Ariana has.

Plastic Surgery is Trending on the Platform

Users from a top plastic surgeon of Denver like Dr Jeffrey Swail to amateur makeup artists rely on Instagram to promote themselves. Now seems like an odd time for Spark AR to take the stance they have, considering the popularity of plastic surgery on Instagram.

Hundreds of accounts exist, the content of which revolves entirely the positive effects of cosmetic procedures. These accounts deserve just as much of an opportunity to advocate for themselves as any other business account, right? Until Spark AR goes more in-depth as to why they have banned this specific filter type, it will seem like they are attacking plastic surgery for no reason.