Different Headache Types – Everything You Need to Know

Headaches are really common nowadays, and they are definitely something that can ruin your day completely if you don’t know what caused them or how to deal with them. There are tons of different headache types, and their symptoms can vary by a lot, so sometimes a person who’s not really informed about them can get confused by how their headache feels at the moment.

Today we’re providing you some very useful information about the most common types of headaches that you might experience at any regular day, so if you want to learn more, feel free to read until the end. Here’s what you need to know.


How common are headaches?

According to a lot of medical experts, headaches are something that a person is guaranteed to experience at least once in their life. Yes, believe it or not, there is not a person who gets to live without getting a headache at least once. With this being said, it is quite important to know what the symptoms are and how to deal with them for when the time comes. Recurring headaches however should be dealt with, so you should go to your primary care provider and discuss this with them and also consult a chiropractor such as Essential Chirocare to seek treatment. Before we begin with the most common ones, we just want to let you know that there are more than 160 different types of headaches, and they are divided in two categories. Primary and Secondary.

Primary Headaches

Primary Headaches are those that are not caused by anything else, including an external source. So a primary headache is basically the condition itself. Some of these examples include the famous migraine and tension headaches that are pretty frequent among adults, especially nowadays in the modern age.

One of the most famous types of primary headaches are the so-called “Tension headaches”. These headaches can last anywhere from between 20 minutes to several hours, and in some rare cases, they can last for a few days.


Tension headaches are caused by many different things, and although the main cause is not really clear, there are a few well-known factors that can cause them. Some of these include stress, anxiety, and depression as the main triggers. Of course, there are a lot of other causes, but the previously mentioned three are the main ones.

According to treatheadaches.com, being dehydrated, exposed to loud noise or having poor sleep are all factors that can cause tension headaches as well.

Sometimes even bad posture, eye strain and lack of exercise are the cause of tension headaches, but not many people are aware of it since they don’t even know that their posture is bad or that they’re experiencing a lot of eye strain. As for lack of exercise, some people are aware of it but they don’t know that it can be a cause of their tension headaches.


Secondary Headaches

Secondary Headaches are something that’s caused by a head injury for example, of the effects of caffeine withdrawal. More information about caffeine withdrawal you can read on Vivarin. These are not as “scary” as primary headaches, simply because in most cases you will be able to find out what the cause of it is and stop doing that. For example, if drinking coffee is causing you a headache, you’ll find about it pretty quickly and stop drinking coffee, which will result in the headaches disappearing.