Different Types Of Dating Sims Apps

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The world of anime is full of interesting stories and dating sims apps are no different. However, not every person will like every kind of game, so they are divided into different genres, so you don’t have a lot of research to do for finding your ideal free anime dating sims apps. In the article, we talk about five types of anime dating sims apps, how to find the type of a dating sims game, and which is the best genre for you. Let’s get started!


Two types of dating sims for boys

1. Shonen

Shonen in Chinese means young people and in English means a few years. These games are designed to cater to the young male population and also features a young male protagonist. It is a popular genre because it has a mix of every game genre including action, adventure, comedy, and romance.

2. Seinen

Seinen is another genre that targets a young male audience but this time, it is an adult. The games are more satirical and have more violence in them. They are also psychologically intense and therefore, cater to a mature audience. It appeals to a variety of the population from college students to businessmen. One of the most popular anime series in this category is One Punch Man. Puzzle of Love and Passion Puzzle by BadBoyApps are two famous and must-try apps of this category.

seinen genre


Three traditional styles of free anime dating sims

3. Shoujo

The next category is called Shoujo and caters to the young female population. It is more about romance and interpersonal relationships, so there aren’t many fighting scenes or another action sequence. However, it still includes a certain amount of comedy and adventure. Mystic Messenger, Amnesia: Memories and Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side are some of the popular games of this genre.

4. Josei

Josei is meant for young adult female viewers and focuses the most on romance. These games are intense, dark, and more erotic than any other category. While the majority of the game shows a simple life, there is some heavy action (read sexual scenes) to keep you interested in the interactive story. Josei games you should play include Seduce Me, Hustle Cat, and Clannad.

josei genre


5. Kodomomuke

Kodomomuke means children in English. Very fewer games are made in this category as dating sims apps are designed to attract high school students and adults. However, you would have watched at least one series of Kodomomuke genre. If you can’t recollect, here are a few anime series you would have watched during your childhood — Pokemon, Doraemon, and Digimon Adventure. The Fruit of Grisaia is a game styled in the Kodomomuke genre but meant for adult population.

How to find the type of a dating sims app you are playing?

There’s one simple way you can identify which genre a particular anime dating sims game belongs to. However, to make the process easier for you, we have three ways you can find the type of game you are playing.

  • Information by game developer

Many game developers mention it under the specification that the game belongs to one of the five genres. It not only helps the audience to find the game but also creates the developer’s brand in the genre.

  • Graphics theme

If the developer hasn’t provided the genre, you can find out by taking one look at the graphic. Anything bright and colorful is going to be Shonen and Shoujo, while anything dark and mysterious is going to be Josei or Seinen.

the graphic theme of games

  • Storyline

To confirm the exact genre, read the storyline. If the main character is a male, it will either be Shonen or Seinen. If the main character is a female, it will be Shoujo or Josei. Combine your results from the previous point with this one to find the game’s type.

Which type has the best games?

There’s no clear winner because different people like different genres of game. Don’t limit yourself to one genre because you would miss out on the fun of playing another genre. However, you can categorize the games according to subgenres.

Anime dating sims are developed in a number of subgenres

There are two types of subgenres — major and minor. The major subgenres include magic, fantasy, comedy, action, adventure, erotica, drama, romance, and sci-fi.

The minor subgenres are more related to characters’ features and setting of the game examples are demons, harems, parody, school, vampire and werewolf, period of history, and police.

anime games subgenre

Combine different subgenres together and find the perfect anime dating sims game for you. There is a large number of games available on iOS and Android. Some are free while you will have to purchase other sims apps.