Do I need an Attorney for DUI?

Driving under influence is also termed as alcohol impared driving. It is listed as a crime and needs legal assistance to fight off the charges. Moreover, a DUI charge is not easy to deal with either. There is no confirmation that it will be swept off your record or not. It heavily depends upon the condition that you are discovered in, by the police.

If you are wondering whether you can deal with a DUI charge on your own, then the simple answer is NO. you cannot. You will definitely need to hire a to represent you in the court as all the hearings are done legally, in the premises of the court. You have two options in this situation; one, you can invest in hiring a private lawyer. Secondly, you can get a public defender to represent you in the court. This defender is appointed to you, by the court authorities.

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Get an Attorney’s Opinion for DUI Charges:


Will it be worth it to hire an attorney for fighting a DUI charge? Well, it really varies and in some cases, it might be the best decision that you can make. On the contrary, in some situations, it might just compensate you a bit and not clean the crime off from your record.

DUI law keeps altering and thus, it is quite complicated to manage or say anything about it, in detail. Each case is different and it changes the regulations that are implied to it. Thus, a private lawyer is the only individual you must visit to discuss your charges with.

The best part about visiting a professional is that they offer you free consultation and you must take it. Even if the lawyer demands a small fee for the consultation, it is best to grab the consultation offer as it will help you understand your case and the different ways to manage it. You certainly do not want a DUI charge to stay up on your record.

You are required to bring your police report and all the other documents that are connected with your charge, to the attorney. This will help them gauge your case and then guide you accordingly.

Situations where an Attorney Wouldn’t be of Much Help

It is understandable that if you were driving under influence and you didn’t pose danger to anyone; then a lawyer can go above and beyond to get the matter resolved. However, if you have been a cause of threat, danger or damage to someone during DUI, you will find it very hard to press all the charges. The attorney might help you lessen the charges but they won’t be eradicated completely.

Thus, the nature of your charge determines a lot and a consultation with an attorney before hiring anyone, will help you understand it properly. If you have been a threat to people around you or you have caused damage to someone; you will have to bear with the consequences as states have gotten quite strict about driving drunk.

Tips to Hire the best DUI Attorney:


Drunk driving cases have been rising since 2012. An arrest for driving under influence is an extremely stressful situation to be in, and the only person whom you can rely on for a small compensation is a professional attorney. As stated above, a lawyer cannot dissolve your DUI charges completely, if you are guilty of it. But a midway can be created.

Thus, hiring the right man for the job is crucial. This is why we have summed up some simple and quick tips to hire a professional and experienced DUI attorney. Let’s dig in.

1. Be honest about the situation:

If you are guilty of driving under influence, you need to accept the situation and be honest with your attorney. Your lawyer can only help you when they have all the accurate details of your situation. Matters get extremely complicated when you tend to lie about the overall situations or you have been charged for more than just one violation. Thus, whoever you plan to choose, the basic step is to be upfront about the entire scenario.

2. Have a look at their experience:


How long has it been, since the attorney has been working legally? How many cases has she/he solved? This is a very important consideration to make before you hire an attorney. Have a look at their portfolio before making a pick. The wrong choice can cost you a lot.

3. Get a Free Consultation before Hiring:

All the best attorneys offer free consultation before you hire them. It is up to you, whether you want to take it or not. And we suggest that you do take advantage of it. This helps you evaluate the lawyer in detail and judge whether they are what you are looking for or not. You can assess their strengths and weaknesses. Discuss your situation with the lawyer in the consultation and evaluate them on the basis of the solutions they put forth for you. Are they smart enough to support your case? Also remember that a solution will not always be 100% in your favor. It is almost impossible to fight off the entire charge.

4. Ask Questions:


If you think that the attorney is good to hire, you need to take the last step and ask them some questions. You must have a set of queries ready before you pay them a visit. You can ask them about the cases that they have fought for DUI charges and do they have expert investigators to manage the case? Will you meet me whenever it is required? There can be a lot that you want to ask the attorney and you must make sure that you are hiring someone who is communicative and responsive.


So, is it worth it to hire an attorney for a DUI charge? Well, it definitely depends on your case. Thus, we recommend you to consult with an attorney first and see what they have to say about your charges. Understanding your case from a legal perspective will help you make better decisions for it as well.

It is certainly helpful to hire a lawyer, as it does help in pressing some charges overall and managing a DUI case is not easy due to the extremely complicated nature of this crime.