Doors Automation Using a Linear Actuator and Your Creativity

Linear actuators are great mechanisms, indeed. It is difficult to imagine something else that can be used instead of them for the improvement of your home and making it into something incredibly convenient and advanced.

Electric linear actuators can, for example, be used to automate doors, any of them. Use all your imagination to automate doors for any space in your house. We, in turn, have prepared some ideas on door automation and tips that will help to avoid the most common errors.

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Automatic Doors Come with a Lot of Benefits

You might be asking yourself whether you really need an automatic door or even some of them. It depends on you, but automated doors bring a lot of benefits. In some situations, they are irreplaceable. Companies and teams like those at Progressive Actuators are here to help you to find all types of systems to handle every your automation project.

An automated door is a perfect solution if you need to create a noiseless environment. They function without generating any noise. They are a must for accommodations where assistance is needed for those who will use the doors. Thus, an automated door is a perfect solution for homes where elderly or disabled people live.
In addition, an automated door always means comfort and style.
Automated Garage Doors

Requirements to a garage door are always special. First, it shall be convenient. It is not pleasant if you have to fight with it every time when you are going to put your car inside or take it out. Moreover, if the door isn’t automated and it is raining or snowing, the experience of using it might be not pleasant at all.
Thus, an automated door of your garage improves your experience of using it immensely.

Actuators can reduce the vibration of the door. It might be significant if the garage is integrated into your house. Actuators provide noiseless operation.

Before purchasing an actuator to automate your garage door, consider the door weight. Mini actuators can lift up to 150 pounds, standard ones – up to 400 pounds, and, finally, heavy-duty devices manage up to 2,000 pounds. For the garage, you might need heavy-duty actuators because they need not only to lift and lower the door but to stop and start moving it at any moment.

Automated Swing Gates

Automated swing gates usually protect the entrance of your home. They are heavy and made to resist all types of weather conditions. Thus, the application of heavy-duty actuators is a must. They can be installed discreetly and be operated with control.

Sliding Doors with Linear Actuators

To make your home look modern and nice, and to add some comfort, as well, you might want to think about a sliding door or even several ones. A sliding door is something you can do on your own if you know the basics.
Make all the required preparations. Use shims to ensure the needed fit. Make a sill pan and press it to the preliminarily applied caulk. Close all the openings between the house wrap and the siding. The door is ready to be installed.

After the door installation, equip it with a proper actuator. Check in advance all the actuator`s specifications and make sure it doesn’t generate noise and doesn’t create excessive vibration. These things are something that you can check in advance and make all according to your requirements.
Select Linear Actuators for Door Automation Correctly

To make your door work as expected, you need to choose an actuator for its automation correctly. To do so, consider these main criteria.

Make sure you are selecting an actuator that has enough power to move your door. Consider not only the weight of the door. Make sure you check the position of the actuator installation. Item`s power also will depend on the door type. For a swing gate, the power shall be considerable while for a sliding door, taking an actuator that can move the door weight might be fine. Most manufacturers provide the assistance of a specialist. They will check the installation and advise you on suitable options.

Check the distance for which the item shall move the object. This distance is called a stroke.

The speed of the actuator movement also matters. For a swing gate, you, most likely, will prefer something slower than for a sliding door. Make sure that the actuator`s positioning is smooth and accurate.

Final Thoughts

Automatic doors are always a good idea. This automation type will bring you more comfort and make your house look modern. Buying an automated door might be pretty pricey though but if you know how to equip your existing door with an actuator, you can save several thousands of dollars.

Automating your door might be not easy but possible. All the actuators come with detailed instruction and if you buy a system, you need just to install it. Usually, everything is arranged in it for you just to fix it in the needed place. It allows you getting an automated door without major expenses.