From Addiction to Recovery: A Complete Guide to The Drug Addiction Rehab Process

Addiction rehab is a different treatment for every individual. The complete process consists of several stages. People join rehab centers to get rid of addiction habits. It can be a new experience for a patient or repeating the same treatment to overcome relapse.

If you take drugs for many years, your body will take more time to heal. It will be more difficult to control your addiction. You can visit drug rehab clinics in Melbourne if you struggle to eliminate addiction.

This write-up will discuss the step-by-step guide to the rehab process to eliminate drug addiction. This guide is for every drug addict who wants to stop bad habits and live a happy and healthy life.

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Guide for Drug Rehab


Finding a Reputed Rehab Centre

The treatment starts by finding a suitable center for the patient. In your location, you must find all the centers that can help you get rid of alcohol and drugs. You must consider the facilities and therapies you get there.

Different types of addictions are treated in these centers, and you must decide whether the center you choose is suitable. All the therapies must be medical assistance, and the recovery outcomes must be successful. Once you search for a perfect rehab center, you must contact the department and get the patient admitted.

The facility will provide all the required details regarding admission, consultation, assessment, etc. It is hard to convince a patient to get admitted to the drug rehab center. But the staff will provide consultancy and coordinators to help the patient be comfortable and motivate him to join the center to eliminate his bad habits.

Rehab Process

Once you get admitted to a reputed center, the treatment will start. A patient must go through different phases and struggle to stop consuming drugs. Before every therapy, the patient will get a brief introduction about it.

Cooperating with the staff is necessary to avoid excess pain and misery. Initially, the staff supervised the patient and tried to comfort him. A few weeks later, different therapies begin, such as:



The rehab process starts with detox therapy, in which your body needs to clear all the drugs you consumed previously. For withdrawal, medications will be provided to the patient. The initial days of the detox process can be very challenging and painful for the person. But your body will improve and develop its habit in a few weeks.

People are introduced to medication and other services before it happens to them. This therapy can also be done at home. In this phase, it is mandatory not to consume any drug in any way as it can ruin the entire therapy. The center staff monitors the patient’s condition and treats complications.


The next step of the drug addiction rehab treatment is inpatient therapy which is also an intensive process. It depends on the intensity of the therapy. In many centers, this treatment is given once or twice a week. On other days, the facility gives education classes, therapies, consultancy meetings, etc.

In supplemental therapy, patients are asked to do exercises, dance, art activities, or other things to keep them engaged. Based on your budget, you can access services. This therapy continues for three months.

Partial Hospitalization


In this therapy, a patient is provided with the affiliated facility of the rehab. All the therapy-regarding programming is done at the facility. But at night, a different place is arranged for the patient to sleep and rest.

The significant difference with residential treatment is the programming hours. During PHP, one can stay at home. The frequency and programming intensity also vary in different patients.


It involves group sessions multiple times a week. It is possible to stay anywhere, depending on your living environment and support system. Many people prefer to attend several meetings and get the motivation to leave addictive items.

You can reach this phase after drug detox and inpatient or directly within a few days when you enter the rehab center. Many individuals meet consultants or therapists to follow the right direction in life and avoid relapsing.



It is easy for many people to leave their addiction, but their condition does not last long. They get addicted again once they are triggered again. There can be many reasons for relapsing. It is crucial to avoid getting relapsed and prevent visiting the rehab center again. Many people keep visiting drug rehabs but never get rid of their addiction.

But once you leave the clinic, you must take care of yourself. You must live in a happy environment where you are not alone. You must have a good support system. Some therapies and group sessions will be continued too. You can join support groups and motivate yourself. You can also join educational events and help yourself to get back to your busy work life.

The more you keep yourself engaged, the more you can recover. It will make healing quick, and later, you will leave drugs forever. Getting therapies in the center and leaving the place is easy. But the aftercare or the maintenance phase is the toughest.

The Bottom Line


Joining a rehab center to eliminate drug addiction is the perfect decision. Initially, the treatment process can be painful and challenging for the patient. But later, everything becomes fine. Before joining the rehab center, you must know the complete step-by-step guide that happens in that place. It can be complicated for a patient to go through all the phases, from addiction to recovery.

Even if you are doing well at the center, you can come back again due to a relapse problem. It is not easy for everyone to never get involved in addiction activities once they leave the center. But you must know about every phase so that you can prepare yourself for addiction treatment.