Top 10 Entertaining Activities for Kids on Easter

Easter is a family holiday which is celebrated together with all the family members. It’s an occasion to have a picnic outdoors. For adults, it’s time to hang out and get fresh air, but kids prefer active leisure. So, it’s necessary to think through what Easter activities you should arrange. Here are some game examples for such a bright celebration.

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1. Making Easter Decorations

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Easter balloon decorations are a great option for children’s parties. Get a contest for the best craft. Buy balloons, a black marker pen, and colored paper. Kids can blow up the balloons themselves, or parents can help to inflate the balloons with helium. Cut out the paper beak, paws, tail for a chicken, ears, and tail for the rabbit, glue them to the balls, and paint eyes. Decorate the celebration venue with bright air toys. Remember about the prizes. They are essential for children. The rewards can be candies, souvenirs, or brightly colored foil balloons from

2. Easter Puzzles

Write a secret message on a cardboard sheet. It can be a map of the yard, indicating where the treasure is buried. Cut the card on the lines of the puzzle. You may use Photoshop for that. Put the puzzle pieces into plastic egg shapes, and hide them in different places. Hand out baskets to the children and send them on an egg hunt. You may give notes with hints where the eggs are. When the hunters gathered their loot, they should open eggs and assemble the puzzle, and you can send the children to the second stage of the game — the treasure hunt.

3. Hit the Target

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You can carry out this kids’ Easter contest in two different ways. You should target a huge bunny made of cardboard with holes for the first option, which you have to hit with carrots. You may award points depending on where exactly carrots hit.

If you want to play this game another way, you need to take several containers — flower pots, buckets, large paper cups, baskets, and cardboard boxes.

Divide kids into teams and offer them to throw balls, painted like Easter eggs, into baskets. The team with the most balls in its basket wins.

Don’t hesitate to come up with a prize for a winning team to get the children excited and competitive—for example, an Easter basket with different goodies — chocolate eggs, bunny figurines, or key chains.

4. Piñata

Another fun game for kids is the Easter piñata. Make or order a piñata in the shape of an Easter egg. Fill it with sweets and confetti. Invite children to take turns breaking the piñata with their eyes closed with a special stick.

You can also make kids happy by baking a piñata-style cake in the form of a big Easter egg. Bake a few colored cake layers, smear them with custard, cut a large through-hole in the middle, and put the treats there. Cover the top and decorate the cake. Of course, that’s not an activity, but it will bring no less joy.

5. Coloring Eggs

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Pour liquid paint into eggshells. Tape the hole, so it doesn’t spill out before the time. Set up a white canvas target, and ask kids to throw eggs with paint at it. There will be no winners in this game, but you are sure to have fun.

6. Bunny Races

You’ll need canvas bags for this outdoor game. Decorate them with colored applications with pictures of bunnies or stencil them with spray paint. Give each participant a bag and headbands with bunny ears on them. Mark the start and finish line and go! This Easter contest’s task is to jump to the finish line faster than everyone else in the bag.

7. Paint an Egg Together

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You need a paper egg template, the size of a regular plate, and crayons. The first participant paints the top of the egg and folds it so that others can’t see what he/she has drawn. Then, he/she passes the template to the next participant, who also paints a strip and bends it. Kids pass the template around until it’s completely painted.

Take a few templates, according to the number of participants. Each participant starts coloring his or her template, and then the children swap templates with each other and continue coloring them. As soon as kids stop painting, unwrap the templates and vote for the best egg.

8. Quiz

In addition to active contests, it would be useful to compete in intellectual battles. The quiz will help children to learn the history of Easter in the form of a game. For a quiz, it’s worth preparing in advance a list of questions, as well as many small prizes. They can be the painted eggs, cupcakes, sweets, small books, calendars, trinkets, and other pleasant souvenirs.

9. Eggs With Messages

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Apart from having a good time, you will also help children develop and practice their reading and spelling skills by playing this gripping game. If they’re just starting literacy training, Easter eggs and their “stuffing” will be a great exercise in letter recognition and word composition. Prepare a hidden message and eggs with the notes and pictures inside, for example, a small picture of a chicken and some letters. Hide the eggs in your house or garden and let the kids find them. Their next task is to take the pictures and letters out of the eggs and combine them with the names of the objects drawn on the images.

10. Easter Coloring

This childish entertainment helps to keep the youngest busy and engaged for a long time. You need gouache or finger paints. You can paint with fingerprints or make a “print” out of a potato. To get an Easter “seal” ready, cut a potato in half and carve the patterns on the cutting.

Easter is a great, bright Christian holiday that lasts a week. Why not make it bright and memorable for kids by referring to Easter activities, especially since they will easily captivate any child from a toddler to a teenager, and maybe even adults!