Essential Things You Should Know Before Installing a Fountain

A fountain can accentuate the beauty of the backyard, help you relax and please the eyes of your guests and neighbors. The best thing is, that nowadays the fountain is an affordable decor item, not just a whim of a rich.

If you want to refresh your garden and install one, take your time to do research and choose the best option for yourself. That’s what you need to know before setting up an outdoor fountain for the first time:

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Find the best one

You will be surprised to discover how many n types there are on the market. That’s why you shouldn’t buy the first one you like. Keep a cool head and measure your garden since the size of your future one will directly depend on it.

Once you determine the size you want, think about your garden design. Most probably, it will be a central element in your backyard decor. Ideally, you should make sure it fits the overall picture and reflects your taste. There are three popular fountain styles: modern, classic, and casual. You can check for more designs in online stores like Living Water Aeration and let’s get it started!


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To get the most out of your water feature, you need to find a perfect placement in your backyard. Most homeowners place them in the middle of the garden or front of the house so it can be visible to the neighbors.

If you want to install it the same way, consider building numerous walkways to it. It will help underline the importance of the one and make your garden look like you hired professionals. You can also use your new decor item to mask street noise. However, you shouldn’t place it right next to the fence. So, the neighbor’s kids will not be tempted to throw the ball or trash into it.

Another crucial thing is to make sure there is an electric source nearby that can keep the pump running.


The last but not least concern is childproofing your fountain. Of course, it is not considered entirely possible. However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take any measures.

If you have little kids in the house (aged 2- 5 years), put up a garden fence. The best thing you can do is to forbid them to play next to it alone. Let’s not forget that pets and children might want to taste fountain water. It is pretty risky due to numerous viruses and bacteria.

As you can understand, kids are not fully aware of the dangers in most cases. It is your personal responsibility to do whatever it takes to protect them.


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A fountain in your garden will also require some occasional care. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider for cleaning tips. Also, you can follow a few standard rules. For instance, keep it’s pump clean. Check its condition every week and remove leaves and other trash from its intake. Also, you can clean a surface area once it gets dirty (animal waste or algae blooms). Change the water at least once in ten days, so it will look and smell good. More than that, clear water will help the system work properly.


If you like taking care of your backyard, feel free to add some accessories to the fountain as well. For instance, you can add rocks you found during your travels, floating or deep water plants. You can also keep your aquarium fish in the outdoor fountain. If you like this idea, plan ahead since you can’t add there all kinds of fish. Do your research to learn what type of fish can survive winter in your climate.

The benefits

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Not everyone is aware of garden fountain benefits. First of all, it can cool the air in your backyard and attract butterflies and birds. Secondly, it can be a source of a “white noise”, which is very helpful in case you don’t want to hear your neighbors. Also, it can help you relax and meditate. The ancient proverb says that we can watch the water flow for a long time.

If your family members don’t want to install the one as much as you do, show them this list of advantages.

The final words

A garden fountain shouldn’t be an impulse purchase since it requires a lot of pre-planning. You should know all the features of the type you have and take care of it every week. At the end of the day, it is an excellent opportunity to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the weather.