Essentials Of Planning A Cruise From Singapore

Singapore is a famous island city that’s steeped in culture. It already tops various international indexes in being one of the top travel destinations in the world. That is the reason why many travelers have Singapore on their travel bucket list.

Also called the Lion City, Singapore is a beautiful place to explore. And if you were to do it on a cruise, the experience will be even better! Find it a little hard to believe? Hop aboard a cruise from Singapore and you’ll see why we are recommending it.

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The best time to visit

Before you make up your mind about going on a cruise from Singapore, do know that summer months and the period of November – December make for the ideal time to visit. A great reason to visit Singapore in the summer is for the celebrations and festivals that you get to see, such as the Great Singapore Sale, Singapore Food Festival, etc. On the other hand, if you plan to visit during November and December, you get to celebrate Deepavali, Christmas, and New Year in Singapore, when the city is beautifully lit up.

Deciding on your budget

Another essential of planning a cruise to Singapore is calculating the budget beforehand. First you would have to take into account the cost that would go into reaching the point from where the ship will depart.

The costing also depends upon the cruise ship you are going on and the route it will follow. Other factors that will affect the cost of the trip are the cruise duration, total time of travel, number of travelers, the room you have booked, etc. Plus, you should also factor in how you will reach home after you de-board.

Selecting a cruise package from Singapore

After you have decided that you want to go on a cruise from Singapore, you will be asked to select from the cruise packages available. So, you must have a list of things ready while booking a package. The date of the cruise, the room type, number of passengers, and the duration of the trip is something you should know beforehand.

Finding a room on the ship

After you go through the available cruise packages from Singapore and select a package according to your requirements, you would be asked to choose a room. The room of a ship is called a stateroom. The choice of rooms that you can expect to get include ocean view, balcony, suite, etc. from which you would have to make a choice.

Here is what you should know about the types of rooms. In an ocean view room, you will be provided with a window that gives a view of the ocean.  A balcony room will offer you a semi-private verandah. Also, you won’t have to go on a public deck if you opt for this room.

What to pack?

Do check the weather forecast at the time when you plan a cruise from Singapore. In fact, keep a tab on it in the days leading up to the start of the cruise. Then, pack your essentials accordingly. If there are chances of rain, then make sure you a water-proof jacket with you.

Packing for a cruise is like packing for a resort vacation. Also, apart from packing necessary things in your luggage, make sure you have a smaller bag which has all the immediate items you would need during the cruise.

Singapore is a beautiful city that looks even more stunning when you get to explore it on a ship. Promising a larger than life experience, the mesmerizing beauty of Singapore on a cruise is sure to leave you enchanted!

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