4 Things To Expect From The Air Jordan 5 Shattered Backboards

When it comes to fashion, it is common that some trends are circulating. Also, we could see many styles and outfits from the past century become popular again. People are nostalgic, and they love to remember some simpler times, especially the 90s, before the breakthrough of modern technologies. When it comes to the fashion of the 90s, freedom was the main focus.

There are many styles people love, and they are trending again. One of those trends is related to sneakers. The famous Air Jordan shoes from Nike were introduced to the market more than 30 years ago. The design is inspired by basketball legend Michael Jordan.

There is a well-known structure of these sneakers. However, many differences in design can be seen over years. What makes them unique is the special outline, and this model even influenced the market and many other brands to start producing similar models.

According to GOAT, the Shattered Backboard, which is the most recent model, represents a retro outline with a remarkable orange stripe, which is a refreshing update. Another store where you can check more about this model is FlightClub.

With the wide selection of sneakers that we have on today’s market, it became a popular hobby for many to create collections. The Air Jordan is one of the models that is a must-have part of these collections. On the other hand, they are very comfortable and attractive as well. Here are the main things to expect from The Air Jordan 5 Shattered Backboards.

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1. New Form of a Well-Known Style

Source: solecollector.com

The name Shattered Backboard is a legendary story where Michael Jordan managed to shatter the glass on the board during the friendly game in Italy. He was wearing sneakers that were a combination of black, white, and orange during that game. The first model was introduced 30 years after the event. The popularity is still very high, and since many people would like to have them as part of their collection, it influenced the prices as well.

When it comes to this legendary model, the prices can be very high. Also, we expect that trend to continue in the future. The combination of colors became a separate category, and there is now a whole line of sneakers with those colors. When it comes to the most recent model, it represents a standard Air 5 outline with the touch of Shattered Backboard notes.

2. Huge Demand

Source: sneakernews.com

A lot of people are waiting impatiently to get to this model. There are already many pictures available where people can see more about the details. From the moment when the new model of Shattered Backboard was announced, fans started checking the official websites and reliable sources to find out when they can buy it. The company made the first announcement saying that it will be available by the end of September. However, there is a delay, and the promotion is now set to be on October 2nd.

However, many stores allowed people to start ordering before the official release. You can already order them in stores like Goat and Flight Club. Keep in mind that the popularity is huge, and there are probably thousands of orders already made. In that matter, if you want to buy them, be sure to do that on time. The price could increase very fast.

3. What About the Price?

Source: sneakernews.com

Considering how popular this outline is, the starting price is surprisingly low. You can order the most recent model of Air Jordan 5 Shuttered Backboard for a price between $220 and $600, depending on the size. If you check the values of some previous remarkable models, the common thing is that they became more expensive over time. For instance, the Air 1 Retro now costs over $1,300.

Therefore, your collection can become much more valuable in the future if you add the most recent Air Jordan to it. Moreover, the price is similar to other styles of Air 5, such as Oreo, Raging Bull, and Blue Bird. There are some cheaper options as well, like Fire Red.

4. High Quality

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Besides the style and history that this model represents, Nike is known for its high-quality products. That can be expected from the newest Air 5 as well. The materials used in the production are a combination of synthetic and leather along with the classic forefoot that makes them so comfortable. The process of production involves the integration of popular technology that is affecting the shoes to create a unique feeling when you are wearing them. What makes this model different is the high tongue.

You can check the pictures online to see how good this model looks. The first thing that you will notice is the orange rubber stripe on the interior side. The Air Jordan logo is in the same color. The main part of the shoes is in white, and there are black details as well. Also, the tongue is gray. It looks quite interesting, especially because of the gray details under the orange stripe.

The Bottom Line

There are only a few days left before you can own these shoes. If you are planning to visit a shopping mall to try them before buying, you should expect long lines since the demand is very high. Therefore, the easiest solution is to order them online. The feeling of wearing them can be amazing because they resemble the history of one of the best players of all time.
We are aware that most people will buy to keep them in their collection and rarely wear them. However, you should try at least a few free throws. Maybe it will motivate you to become a better player. Each model of Air Jordan represents a unique story from Michael Jordan’s career. Therefore, you can buy a model that he was wearing after winning the ring in 1996, or some other important event. That is one of the reasons why fans are so interested in creating collections.