Exploring Technology With Instagram

Instagram is a known social media platform that is mainly used for posting and sharing photos. Instagram can be accessed in a personal computer through the browser, but it can be utilized better using smartphones as a mobile application.

The Instagram mobile application lets its users capture, edit, and post images. Aside from photos, Instagram users can also upload short length videos and the good thing about Instagram is that you can link your accounts from other known social networking sites like Facebook. In Instagram, popular people or users usually have more people following them or followers. If you have some hard time earning followers click here for more details in order to increase your followers on Instagram.


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Developing Instagram

The developers of Instagram used a wide range of tools in order to come up with the application itself. The engineering process of Instagram composed of different programming languages, IDE’s, and libraries specialized for stack developments. The stack used in Instagram runs through Ubuntu servers while using PostgreSQL for database and storage purposes. Instagram also utilize Redis as a tool that helps to improve the speed of feeds. Instagram also uses specialized machines for load balancing purposes wherein each request towards its servers are required to go through.


Filter Technology

Instagram is known for being a mobile application that can be used to share photos with your friends and other people. Sharing photos sometimes are better when given the touch of minimal modification like the photographic filter feature of Instagram. This feature will help anyone who is posting photos to enhance the beauty of their images through their own preferences. A filter can be used to change the brightness and other elements of an image to be posted on Instagram. Most of the time this feature helps the users to make their shots better, currently, there are more than 30 different filters to choose from.

Exploring Technology With Instagram5


Instagram Direct Feature

Just like in other social networking sites, Instagram also has private messaging features and it is called Instagram Direct. But only people or users who follow each other are able to use the Instagram Direct feature, this means that you should be following a certain person for you to be able to send them private messages. In an off chance that someone who’s not following you sent a message into your account; they need to follow you first before you will be able to read and see their private message. Although this private messaging feature of Instagram varied from a usual private messaging feature from other social media applications, Instagram introduces an uncommon feature wherein senders will be notified if their recipients took a screenshot.



From the day Instagram was released to the public, improvements and additional features are regularly added to the application. Thanks to the never-ending progress of technology, developers are able to come up with new ideas to improve Instagram from posting and sharing images, exploring posts from nearby areas, push notifications, private messaging, and other features.