Earn Money from Fantasy Cricket Online – 11 Tips to Get Rich Quick in 2024

Cricket is a popular sport in India. Millions of people across all groups are ardent fans of the sport in India. Cricket is not just a sport but a religion for some and emotions for others. Every child in the hook and corner of the country aspires to be a cricketer more than any other professional sporting career. Such is the influence of cricket among young people in India. Cricket has always provided exhilaration and nail-biting thrillers to fans over the decades in India. Enthusiasm for cricket cannot be beaten by enthusiasm and fan following for other sports, including Kabaddi, Cricket, Tennis and to name a few.

Nowadays cricket enthusiasts are getting more and more involved in the game, not just watching it but playing fantasy cricket. Fantasy Cricket is a platform for every follower of the sport to create their own playing XI, score more points than their opponents, and earn exciting cash rewards.

Fantasy cricket online or just Fantasy Cricket launched over a decade ago, but it has become more popular over the last few years. There has been a significant increase in the number of people swaying into Fantasy Cricket Online during the lockdown period in 2020. Fantasy Cricket Online or Fantasy Cricket is one of the most used gaming platforms in India after Football and Kabaddi.

Fantasy Cricket is not just a game but also an opportunity for cricket enthusiasts to earn extra money by playing it. Alongside enhancing their skills and broadening their understanding of the sport, users can make money by winning leagues or contests in Fantasy Cricket Online. There are certain tips that help users to earn money while playing Fantasy Cricket Online.

11 Tips to Earn Money from Fantasy Cricket Online

Fantasy Cricket

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  1. First and foremost, avoid playing all the games. Play only those matches that you have researched and have a good amount of knowledge about the teams.
  2. Don’t make plans for all the matches. Make a plan for a particular match, keep the majority of the players from the current team, and rest for a later match.
  3. The biggest mistake every novice of Fantasy Cricket Online does is putting all the money into the game. It’s advisable not to do that. Try to divide your investment into parts. For example, if your budget is Rs. 1000 to spend in a month for Fantasy Cricket Online, then put ₹ 100 per game. More matches you play the more chances of winning.
  4. Try to join the contest or a league early rather than at the last minute. If you join the contest early, then you can plan for the possibility of players getting ruled out of the match due to injury or sudden changes in the squad.
  5. Keep yourself updated about the player’s availability for the match and accordingly plan for your playing XI in Fantasy Cricket Online.
  6. As a beginner in Fantasy Cricket Online, play in one or two contests with your team instead of playing in multiple leagues. If you play in multiple contests at the initial stage of Fantasy Cricket, then you tend to lose money instead of earning extra.
  7. While creating your Fantasy Playing XI, make sure you pick up four batters, two all-rounders, a wicketkeeper, and five bowlers from two teams of the match. Avoid picking more than two players from a single team.
Fantasy Cricket Online

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  1. Most importantly, choose the right players as your captain and vice-captain of your Fantasy Playing XI. Because the captain and vice-captain tend to give extra points if they perform well in the match.
  2. Choose your fantasy cricket team carefully rather than randomly. Moreover, at the initial stage of Fantasy Cricket, play in the 4-5 member contests as there are high chances of winning the competition.
  3.  Before playing Fantasy Cricket, do a little bit of research about the probable playing XI of both teams of the match, weather conditions, pitch report, and players’ records and statistics at a particular venue.
  4. Last but not least, avoid creating your teams with the help of YouTube videos or any apps. Trust your knowledge about the game and do research about players’ and teams’ forms.

Apart from earning money playing Fantasy Cricket Online, there are also certain benefits of playing the game. The excitement of winning and the challenges make it absolutely intriguing. Fantasy Cricket Online is the best opportunity for enthusiasts to put their cricket knowledge to the best use.

Moreover, you will learn more about the sport and enhance your cricketing skills. You will be more involved in the match rather than being a watcher of the sport. Interestingly, you can brag about rights with your friends, family, and close ones.