Find Deals for Sunglasses

Finding the Best Deals on Sunglasses: A Shopper’s Guide

Sunglasses are a popular fashion accessory that also serve the important purpose of protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. With so many styles and brands on the market ranging widely in price, it can be tricky to find a pair that fits your needs and budget.

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When to Shop for Sunglasses Deals

Timing is everything when searching for sunglasses deals. It is best to shop at certain key times of the year when stores and brands discount sunglasses to make way for new seasonal inventory. Late winter into early spring, stores will be clearing out styles from the previous year to prepare for summer stock.

Keep an eye out for sunglasses sales in January through April. Similarly, summer styles will be on sale or clearance in August and September as retailers transition to fall. According to the good folk over at Olympic Eyewear, holiday weekends often coincide with eyewear sales events and are perfect times to buy discount sunglasses.

Outlet Stores and Discount Retailers

Outlet Stores and Discount Retailers


Before paying full price at department stores and brand boutiques, check outlet malls and discount stores for budget-friendly sunglasses options. Brand outlet stores carry discounted sunglasses from premium brands at prices lower than traditional retail stores.

Discount retailers also get overstock inventory of name brand sunglasses at reduced prices. At these stores you can expect anywhere from 25% to 65% off typical retail sunglasses prices. The selection tends to change rapidly, so be prepared to hunt for hidden gems.

Buy Discounted Sunglasses Online

From clearance sales to online-only deals, shopping for sunglasses online opens up a world of money-saving opportunities. Websites offer prescription and non-prescription sunglasses for up to 70% off retail prices by cutting out the middleman and wholesaling directly to consumers.

Additionally, major online retailers have dedicated sunglasses shops that bring together discounted options across various brands in one place for easy price comparison, and their clearance sections can yield extra savings.

Take Advantage of Coupons, Cash Back, and Loyalty Programs


When shopping online especially, be sure to look for available coupons and cash back opportunities to maximize your sunglasses savings. Popular cash back and rebates browser extensions offer cash back percentages on qualifying purchases, while websites aggregate the latest coupon codes.

Specific to sunglasses, some brands offer 15% off your first order when you sign up for emails, while others provide free shipping and returns in addition to sales. Joining loyalty programs with the big retailers can earn you additional exclusive discounts.

Buy Discount Sunglasses from Flash Sale Websites


Flash sale websites provide limited time only deals on brand name merchandise with inventory that expires quickly while supplies last. Sorting through the ever-changing sales can feel like a scavenger hunt, which is where vigilantly checking sites pays off.

You will have to act decisively to grab discounted sunglasses before someone else scores them or the sale ends. Setting sale alerts can help you find out when coveted sunglasses have been added to these sites so that you don’t miss the buying window.

Consider Low-Cost Sunglasses Brands

When shopping on a tight budget, buying directly from low-cost sunglasses brands removes the middleman markup, keeping prices affordable while still gaining UV eye protection. Some brands start around $20-$50 per pair, while other brands offer trendy women’s styles from $16.99. Buying directly allows access to low-cost pricing standard for their business models.


While some sunglasses can come at a high cost, paying full retail price stops being necessary once you know where to find discounts. So, stay vigilant and keep hunting creatively for those discount sunglasses goldmines. Your eyes and wallet will thank you.