The Key Elements in Finding The Best Pediatrician

Every parent wants the best for their children from when they are newborns until they leave home as adults. However, finding the best pediatrician for each stage of their development can prove to be a challenge.

It is always a positive thing to find a health clinic with a group of doctors who have been there a while and plan on continuing to serve patients at that location. It is also important to find a pediatrician who your little one is comfortable with. A convenient location and hours are also helpful.

Looking for A Pediatric Clinic that Works

When a family with small children moves to a new area such as Frisco, Texas, one of the first things they should do is look for the best pediatric clinic they can find near them. If it is a couple and the woman is pregnant, don’t wait for the baby to be born to look for a pediatrician; have one ready for the new child. The pregnant woman can ask for recommendations from her OBGYN.

Families with children can ask new neighbors, their Realtor, and new co-workers with children who they use. There are online dating services available to check out for all service providers, including doctors and dentists. If the family has relatives living nearby, they can ask them for recommendations. Once a parent has a list of possible pediatricians and pediatric clinics to check out, they can go online to look for web pages for each one.

One possibility to check is Healing Care Pediatrics is located conveniently in Frisco, TX. This clinic is dedicated to comprehensive care for children. The goal is to help children live healthy, happy lives with the best medical care in partnership with the children and their parents. The pediatrician, Dr. Khanum Saleha, is highly qualified and certified with over 20 years of experience treating children.


Once there is a little knowledge about each pediatrician or clinic, it is time to call them for more information and to see if they are accepting new patients. It helps to visit the clinic and see if your child likes the pediatrician and is comfortable with them. In addition, is the waiting room child-friendly?

What Makes a Pediatrician Right for A Family?

There are a few considerations that are important when choosing a pediatrician. If there is only one pediatric clinic or pediatrician near a family, it is still important to ask a few questions. When there are a number of choices, it is important to choose the best one for the family.

As the choices are narrowed down, the location is a major consideration. If two pediatricians are acceptable, choose the one that is most conveniently located. This might be close to home, close to daycare, or on a bus line, depending on the family’s circumstances. When a child is sick or injured, it is important to get them to help quickly.

It is important to check the pediatrician’s credentials and experience. They should have graduated from medical school, completed a residency program, and received state licensing. Are they board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics? Do they accept your health insurance? Are they affiliated with a local hospital?

Ask questions about how the clinic or office operates. Do they have convenient office hours, and how long is the wait time for appointments? Do they have some last-minute or same-day appointments available for emergencies? Do they have any evening or weekend hours? Do they have an online presence with a patient portal? Do they have an after-hours nurse line for parent concerns?

If it is a clinic with multiple doctors, will your child see the same pediatrician each time or different ones? Do you have a choice? Can you choose the doctor your child will see and can you specify whether it is a male or female?

Qualities of The Best Pediatricians


Some pediatricians relate better to certain ages of children, and some have better communication skills. Some things to look for in the pediatrician who will be treating your child include the following.

  • Having all the education and experience with children’s issues that your child may need, such as dealing with childhood diseases, allergies, and developmental issues.
  • They should have confidence in their treatment decisions and back them up with medical knowledge and experience.
  • Pediatricians must be patient with children who might be afraid, cranky, or uncooperative during examinations. How the doctor reacts says a lot about their ability to treat children successfully.
  • A doctor should be warm, friendly, compassionate, and open-minded with small children and parents.
  • The doctor should have similar views to those of the child’s parents on matters like breastfeeding, circumcision, immunizations, alternative medicine, nutrition, and parenting styles.

A good pediatrician will want to schedule wellness visits at least once a year for a child who is 18 months old or older. During these visits, the doctor should administer a complete physical, take measurements of the child, assess the child’s development, talk about the child’s health and safety, administer all needed vaccinations, and answer any questions or concerns the parents have.

After the exam, the doctor will talk to the parent about their findings and any health problems that may need attention. Is this child developing normally in size and other ways? Are more tests needed? During wellness exams, the child should feel comfortable and not fearful.

The waiting room is another area to check out. Is the waiting room clean and comfortable? Is the waiting room geared toward small children who need toys and things to distract them while they wait to be seen? Is the receptionist friendly and kind toward small children? Are there separate areas for sick children and well children so diseases do not spread?

When a family finds the right pediatrician, everyone will be happier and healthier as children grow and develop. It is much easier for parents if children do not dread doctor’s visits. Take the time to find the right children’s doctor who will make the child feel comfortable and provide quality care.