Food Carts for Corporate & Brand Activation Events

Building brand has taken on a huge amount of focus in recent years because of one simple fact: today’s consumers want to have relationships with the companies they deal with. In fact, one of the biggest complaints you are likely to encounter as a director or owner of a business would be that consumers aren’t ‘feeling’ that all-important connection. In fact, much is being written on the subject of why we don’t have relations with businesses anymore.

At this point, you might be wondering how food carts have anything to do with brand activation and corporate relationships with consumers. Actually, once you understand the concept of what it takes to build brand and get your customers on-side, you’ll see why food carts at corporate events are among the most effective tools you can use.

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Why It Is Said That ‘Brand’ IS Your Relationship

Since consumers in the 21st century, many of whom are Millennials, want solid relations built on trust with companies they identify with, it is obvious that the connection you have with your consumers is your brand. Or, to put it another way, get off on the wrong foot and your business will be marked with a huge blemish right from the start. Consumers identify companies, then, with the relationships they have developed. It is in your company’s best interest to focus heavily on interacting with customers, which in turn, means that a good portion of your marketing dollars should be budgeted towards this.

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But How Do You Build a Brand Relationship?

You may be reading too much into building a brand relationship. Why not take it to the very basics of how you create associations in your private life? Say, for example, you are a single man who has just met a lady who intrigues him. What is your first step in getting to know her? Typically, you will ask her to dinner. In fact, since the beginning of time it has been customary to build relations over the dinner table. This has always been a way to develop business connections and most corporations have a budget for wining and dining corporate clients.

You should be thinking of every consumer like a corporate client. They deserve to be wined and dined as well!

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Now Those Food Carts Make Sense!

In this light, those food carts at corporate events and as vital tools in brand activation are beginning to make sense, aren’t they? Why not talk to the people at Woofemdown before hosting your next corporate or brand activation event? Nothing warms a heart to what you are selling than something delicious to munch on and this is also how you begin to forge that relationship. It may sound a bit cliché, but it is in the ‘breaking of the bread’ that some of the strongest family bonds have been forged. What better way is there to forge a strong bond with potential customers, clients and peers than to give them a morsel of bread to break at your next event?

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Stepping Back to the Beginning

In closing, perhaps it’s better to step back to the beginning. The term ‘brand activation’ has been thrown around quite a bit but do you really understand what this seemingly new concept is? Actually, it is an age-old concept which has been given a new name and refers to the entire realm of brand-building strategies. You literally ‘activate’ your brand.

Perhaps you can think of it as a catalyst like you would use when bonding two chemicals together to make a compound. The compound here is your connection with consumers or clients and the catalyst would be those tools that help you activate the relationship. Food is a great starting point and one of the most effective relation-building catalysts you can find.

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Whether taking that lady out to dinner, wining and dining a client, or forging bonds with new customers, food is going to be a highly effective catalyst. Your brand is the relationship and food is the activator, so isn’t it time you started planning your next meal?