Former Lawyer Awarded $41 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A former lawyer who suffered a stroke has been awarded $41 million in damages for medical malpractice. It is a landmark case that highlights the consequences of medical malpractice and its damages. The lawsuit also points out the vulnerability of patients and the legal avenues they can seek to get appropriate compensation for their sufferings.

This article explores the background of the case and how the formal lawyer received the compensation.

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The Background of the Case

The plaintiff, Craig Pierce, can no longer practice law as one side of his body has been completely paralyzed. In fact, he can’t even move without the support of his wife and grandchildren.
As stated in a Chicago Sun-Times article, the incident happened in 2016, when Pierce was admitted for pneumonia. During the treatment procedures, he developed an acute kidney problem. He also developed a heart problem that required an anticoagulant to minimize stroke risks.

However, when an anticoagulant is prescribed, the doctor also has to take regular blood tests to ensure it is working as intended. When Pierce was discharged from the hospital after the treatment for pneumonia, outpatient dialysis was arranged. The problem was that the doctor missed arranging for the regular blood tests.

Four weeks after the discharge, he suffered a major stroke due to a blood clot in his brain. The clot cut off the blood circulation to the right side of his brain, leaving him paralyzed on the left side. The blood tests taken during dialysis showed a significant drop in the levels, but no one adjusted his anticoagulant dosage.

Legal Proceedings and the Verdict

source: JPM & Partners

A medical malpractice case was filed on behalf of Craig Pierce in 2020. Many parties were held negligible for the same. OSF HealthCare System was among the defendants, along with Fresenius and Cherukuri, who were the outpatient kidney care providers.

Each party who was held responsible admitted that care should have been provided. They all testified, pointing fingers at each other, stating it was their responsibility. This led to the Chicago jury giving the verdict in favor of the plaintiff.

Craig Pierce was rewarded $41 million after a month-long trial for his sufferings and damages. It’s believed to be the biggest verdict in medical misconduct involving a senior over 70 years old in Illinois history.

This shows the importance of fighting for justice to get the right compensation you deserve after medical malpractice. Although it cannot reverse the error, it will give you peace of mind knowing that your future expenses are covered. It will also help reduce the financial and care burden the error brought on the shoulders of your family members.

Let’s say something similar happened to you. Then, you can hire a local personal injury lawyer and sue the irresponsible parties if you have encountered any such issues. Consider this case, where a jury from Chicago, Illinois, gave the verdict. In such cases, hiring a personal injury attorney in Chicago, IL, can increase the chances of you winning the trial.

As stated by TorHoerman Law, the lawyer can gather evidence to make your case stronger. This can increase the chances of proving negligence on the defendant’s part and improve your winning chances. Moreover, the attorney can also negotiate with insurance companies if the defendant agrees to an out-of-court settlement. Experienced attorneys can guarantee that you receive the highest potential compensation through skillful negotiation.

Other Recent Medical Malpractice Cases to Know About

Outcomes of medical malpractice cases have significant implications for the medical community at large. They serve as a stark reminder of the importance of adhering to established standards of care and maintaining vigilance in medical procedures. Healthcare providers, from doctors to nurses to hospital administrators, are now under increased scrutiny to ensure that patient safety remains paramount.

There have been multiple medical malpractice cases in recent years. For instance, a jury at the Baltimore County Circuit Court gave a reward of around $34 million in a case. The plaintiff, Tara Anderson, was misdiagnosed when she was pregnant.

The hospital staff said that she was having preterm labor and fetal distress. Therefore, she had to undergo an emergency C-section for delivery. However, during the procedure, her child suffered brain damage, as mentioned by The Daily Report.

The complaint said that the medical tests given to her during the pain indicated no signs of preterm labor. Moreover, she didn’t experience any further contractions upon being admitted. However, the staff still considered it to be preterm labor and performed the surgery, causing damage to her child.

Another similar case occurred when a radiologist and an emergency physician were held liable for a locked-in syndrome in a stroke patient. When the plaintiff was taken to a hospital, the imaging showed that he was having a stroke.

However, the doctors failed to treat the condition till the next day. This led to his lock-in condition, in which he was only able to move his eyes. The jury awarded a whopping $75 million as compensation for the suffering. Out of that, $29 million was for medical expenses, and $46 million was for non-economic damages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical compensation amount for medical malpractice cases?
Numerous factors, like the severity of the injury, lost income, the volume of the defendants, etc., can impact the typical medical malpractice compensation. Still, the majority of settlements are in the thousands of dollars.

What is the largest malpractice settlement in US history?

The largest medical malpractice settlement occurred in 2006 when a Florida jury announced a compensation of $216.7 million. The patient, Allan Navarro, had symptoms of a stroke, and he said the same to the nurses at emergency care. However, the nurses disregarded his concern and gave him painkillers. His brain swelled due to this, and he needed surgery to live.
Which claims for medical misconduct are the most prevalent?

Medical malpractice cases pertaining to misdiagnosis, surgical mistakes, and failure to treat are among the most often occurring. There can be other errors, such as prescription drug errors and childbirth injuries.

In conclusion, the $41 million award in the medical malpractice lawsuit represents a significant legal victory for the plaintiff. This is also a pivotal moment in the ongoing debate about healthcare standards and patient rights.

It serves as a reminder of the human impact of medical errors and the importance of accountability in the medical profession. This case is an example of how we can all work together to create a healthcare system that puts patient safety first.