Top 6 Free Online Courses to Take During Lockdown in 2024

Make the lockdown time worth it. Engage yourself in a constructive activity today. COVID may have snatched your freedom, but not your time. Here are the best courses you can enroll online for free.

Are you tired of staying indoors all day long during this COVID 19 lockdown with nothing to do? Are you looking to better your career and time through a free online course? While COVID has taken a lot from us, it has rewarded us with a precious gift- time that we could otherwise not have found. To be honest, most people are literally bored, staying home doing nothing. Some have watched all movies that Netflix can offer them.

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Top best free online courses for you


Instead of Netflixing all day long, or playing video games, wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea engaging in a constructive activity? Spend this time to gain an extra skill or knowledge you lacked. You never know it could be your lifesaver. If you are looking to shift your career path, you can consider learning something new. Make sure you learn about something that you are passionate about.

However, if you don’t know what you are passionate about, here are the best free online courses you can learn and make an extra coin from during this COVID period.

1. Data Science

Become a Data Science Expert today from an online course. In this course, you will learn fundamentals of the subject, including but not limited to SQL, Python, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and basic data analysis. Depending on where you get the course, you may or may not cover all the packages of Data Science.

  • In case you need specialization in Data Science, there are free online courses in :
  • Deep Learning
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Find hassle-free online courses of this nature on the world’s top universities such as Microsoft and Havard.

2. Content Writing Course


Corporations are paying hundreds of dollars for a single sales script. There are several free online courses all over the internet that could make you a writing guru. Writing courses majorly cover English grammar, SEO writing, Copywriting, Technical Writing, Blogging, and creative writing. These are some of the most profitable branches of the writing industry.

In addition to writing training, most of these courses will teach you how to start corporate writing. They will get you up and running until you make your first dollar. Start your first blog and grow it to become a renowned brand.

3. Digital Marketing course


This is one of the few courses that open up a door for lucrative career opportunities for you. The world has evolved exponentially, especially in the business sector. Many businesses today are raising more revenue online than they would offline. In light of the above, digital marketing, therefore, plays an inevitable role in our businesses today.

A digital marketing course included social media marketing, SEO planning, email marketing, and YouTube marketing.

This course will help you decipher the best online platform for each business. Not to mention learning how to come up with an attractive ad. If you are conversant with the term ‘Content is King’, then you know the importance of what digital marketing teaches.

Currently, digital marketing is more cost-effective and convenient than the traditional forms of marketing, such as TV and newspapers. Therefore, most companies are hiring digital marketers to boost their sales online.

4. Photography and Video


Launch your new career in the innovative field of photography during the lockdown, with Nikon’s free online courses. Partake in 10 virtual photography classes with industry specialists, to remain motivated, drew in, and continue developing while in quarantine.

Get into the innovative outlook with Kitty Peters, as she gives you basic approaches to make a narrating video – ideal for vlogging! She’ll direct you through the inward operations of video content creation, from camera developments to imaginative tips and deceives.

Do you desire a new career in photography? Then learn the fundamentals from Nikon Ambassador Tamara Lackey in her online class. You’ll figure out how to get veritable expressions from people, how to make authentic postures, and fundamental photography aptitudes.

5. Fundamentals of Computer Science


If you are a student seeking to pursue a computer science career, then this is a great opportunity for you. Learn all the fundamental knowledge about computers to get started. The advantage of this course is that it doesn’t have a prerequisite. You don’t need any background computer knowledge to take this course. Besides, this is a worldwide course offered by Stanford. The course will cover the accompanying topics:

  • Computer Hardware Basics.
  • Computer Software Basics.
  • Digital Images Functioning.
  • Coding or Programming.
  • Use & Benefits of using Structured Data.
  • Internet Technology.
  • Device Security via viruses, phishing, and more.
  • Digital media, images, sounds, video, and compression.

Enjoy a class by a Stanford University instructor in this course. Get an edge over others in this space before beginning your college. Do you need the course?

6. Graphics Design


Do you yearn to become a graphics designer? Perhaps you want to pursue it as a career. If yes, then you can use this time to take an extra course in graphics and design. This course is for novices. You will learn many designing tools and methods.

Learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign well once you are done with the course. This is a course which remains well known even after the many years it has been on books.

Most students who take this course often gain a lot from it. Udemy’s certificate will add a brilliant layer in their resumes, which will help them find decent work.

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