How to Get a Job in Esports?

The Esports or video game industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. The industry is growing so fast that by 2024, the industry will be worth $1.65 billion.

With such rapid growth, there are many opportunities for those looking to get a job. There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when looking for a career in the Esports or video game industry.

Firstly, it is crucial to understand the popular games within the competitive scene.

Secondly, it is essential to have strong communication and interpersonal skills since you will be working with a team.

Lastly, it is also beneficial to have experience in event management or marketing, as this will help you understand how the industry works.

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How to Easily Search for an Esports Job:

If you are looking to get a job in the Esports or video game industry, there are a few places to start your search.

Firstly, you can check out websites like ESL Gaming, Hitmarker, and igitems. These websites list various jobs within the industry,industry ranging from entry-level positions to more professional roles.

Another great way to find a job in the industry is by attending gaming conventions and events. These events are significant as companies often look for new hires there.

Attending these events is also a great way to network with people who work in the industry and learn more about various available opportunities.

Your Resume Sells


When applying for a job in the Esports or video game industry, it is essential to tailor your resume to the specific role.

Your resume should highlight any relevant experience and skills that you have.

It is also essential to include a cover letter with your application, as this allows you to explain why you are interested in the role and why you would be a good fit for the company.

Top Esports Jobs 2024:

As the industry is growing fast, many in-demand jobs are needed to help run Esports operations, and finding one higher in demand could present a faster hiring process.

  1. Event Manager – Event managers are responsible for planning and executing gaming events, including small local tournaments to large international competitions. Event managers need to be well-organized and have strong communication skills.
  1. Marketing Manager – Marketing managers are responsible for promoting gaming events and products. They often work closely with event managers to ensure that events are well-publicized and run smoothly. Marketing managers need to have strong marketing and communications skills.
  1. Community Manager – Community managers are responsible for building and maintaining a positive relationship with the gaming community. They often work closely with event managers and marketing managers to ensure that the community is happy and engaged. Community managers need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  1. Referee/Judge – Referees and judges are responsible for ensuring that gaming events are fair and run smoothly and often work closely with event managers. Referees and judges need to have a great understanding of the game and the rules surrounding it.


  1. Caster – Casters commentate on gaming matches to provide viewers with insight and entertainment. They often work closely with event managers to ensure they get the best possible angle of the action. Casters need to have excellent communication skills and think quickly on their feet.
  1. Coach – Coaches help players improve their skills and strategies, and they often work with professional gamers to help them prepare for tournaments. Coaches need to have a strong understanding of the games they are coaching and be able to break down complex strategies.
  1. Analyst – Analysts study individual matches to help players understand the game better. Analysts often work with professional gamers to help them improve their play. Analysts need to have a strong understanding of the games they are analyzing and communicate their findings effectively.
  1. Manager – Managers are responsible for the day-to-day running of an esports team, including everything from managing finances to organizing practice schedules. Managers need to be well-organized and have strong leadership skills.
  1. Team Owner – Team owners are responsible for funding an esports team and supporting the players. They often work closely with managers to ensure that the organization runs smoothly. Team owners need to have a good understanding of the business side of esports.
  1. Journalist – Journalists write articles about the gaming industry, including everything from event coverage to player interviews. Journalists must have strong writing skills and be able to meet strict deadlines.

Benefits of Working in Esports:

There are many great benefits to working in esports, from the salary, travel, and promotion opportunities. Here are just a few:

  1. Salary – According to a report by Newzoo, the average salary for an esports professional is $60,000 per year; this is significantly higher than the average salary in the United States, which is $50,620 per year.
  1. Schedule – Many esports jobs have flexible schedules that allow you to work around your commitments, which means this can be a great perk for those who want to travel or take on other projects.
  1. Location – With the growth of online gaming, many esports professionals can work from anywhere.
  1. Opportunities – The gaming industry is multiplying, which means many opportunities for advancement. Those willing to put in the work can find themselves in high-paying positions with outstanding benefits.
  1. Community – The gaming community is full of passionate and friendly people. Working in esports allows you to meet like-minded people from all over the world.


The esports industry is snowballing, and there are many opportunities for those looking to enter the field. With various roles to choose from, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a high salary or flexible hours, working in esports can be a great career choice.

With a bit of research and some hard work, you can find the perfect job. Just remember to stay positive and don’t give up, after all, job searching isn’t easy. Good luck!