Going on a Road Trip Across SFO? Here Is What You Need

Road trips are genuinely fun tours with your friends and family members. Solo road trips can also help you to learn your strengths and weaknesses and discover things about you that would otherwise remain unnoticed in daily life.

Planning a road trip across San Francisco can be one of the most thrilling journeys for a lifetime to come. Read ahead to know more about how to plan the best road trip across San Francisco. These little tips and tricks under your sleeve can massively transform your time in SFO.

General things to keep in mind when you plan a road trip

  •     Pick the right car

The most important thing to do when planning a road trip across SFO is to pick the right car. You must consider factors such as storage space, the number of people accompanying you, and the price of the car if you are renting it. hiring a car for a road trip is very simple and you do not need to put in any extra effort. Ensure that you have the necessary documents and driving license handy. Since it is a road trip, the music player in the car should be working well so that you do not get bored. There must be arrangements to keep your phone in front of your eyes to easily follow the GPS directions.

  •     Travel light

Do not pack unnecessary luggage. It is a road trip and not a fashion show that you are going to. Do not carry five pairs of jeans for a two-day trip. Be considerate about SFO Luggage storage. You must pack sensibly so that you do not eat up the storage space of the car. Moreover, you should focus on packing food and drinks. Please note that drinking alcohol while driving a vehicle is a crime and may lead to fatal accidents. It is not difficult to find eateries along the way. However, you should still pack dry food items such as cheese sandwiches, hamburgers, and cup noodles. This is the perfect opportunity for you to use YouTube links and start cooking.

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  •     First aid

Keeping a first aid kit in your car is mandatory at all times. Accidents do not give prior notification. It becomes more imperative when you are going on a road trip. The first aid kit must have basic antiseptic ointment, band-aids, bandages, cotton, and other medicines for issues such as vomiting, stomach aches, and irregular bowel movements. Keeping a pain-relief spray is also a great idea for instant action against a muscle pull.

  •     Dress comfortably

You must dress comfortably when you are heading for a road trip. Extra tight jeans or uncomfortable tees and heels can ruin the vibe. You should opt for something loose. Also, depending on the weather, do not forget to carry a jacket.

  •     Sleep well before the trip

Last but not least, we cannot emphasize enough on this but you must sleep well before a road trip. This will keep you awake and fresh on your journey. You do not want to miss out on the scenic landscape from the car. Keep your cameras and phones ready!

Some of the top road trips around San Francisco

  •     Pescadero, California- 46 miles 

Pescadero is a census-designated place in San Mateo County, California two miles east of State Route 1 and Pescadero State Beach. You get the perfect chance to spend a day by the sea. Butano State Park has hiking trails shielded in paths of redwood. Campers can set their tents here. The Costanoa Lodge tent is nothing less than an eco-adventure resort. The Harley Farms have above 200 alpine goats, llamas, and cheese. Check out the Pigeon Point Lighthouse and Arcangeli Grocery Co.

Bolinas, California- 30 miles

Bolinas is a beach community for surfers and the 2 Mile Surf Shop near the beach provides everything you need. You can hike to the Almere Falls or stop at the Bass Lake that has a stunning swimming hole with a rope swing over it. Get the best snaps here! Don’t forget to check out Smiley’s Schooner Saloon.

  •     Gualala, California- 126 miles 

Gualala is an unincorporated community in Mendocino County in the U.S. state of California. This coastal town allows you to float in a kayak, go for whale-watching at the Gualala Point Regional Park, and see trees that are centuries old at Salt Point State Park. The Sea Ranch Lodge has a spa, bar, restaurant, and hiking trails. Don’t leave without visiting the Bones Roadhouse BBQ restaurant.

This is your guide to planning a good road trip across SFO. Heading in an out of San Francisco is extremely easy due to the highly accessible roadways. Get packing, don’t worry about SFO luggage storage, and set out today!