20 Things To Know Before Going To Aruba

Planning a trip to Aruba calls for knowing a lot of things about the country that you are going to visit. Planning for our trip prepares us for what is in store for us and helps us get to know the place better even before visiting it. Aruba is a part of the ABC islands, and it is famous worldwide for its white-sand beaches and exotic flora & fauna. This beautiful island is a dream destination for many people from all over the world to come visit the beauty of Aruba.

Vacation is just the best time as you know that the next few days are just going to be about exploring and relaxing. Aruba is the best island which has everything that a traveler is looking for in a beach paradise. While you are planning your trip to Aruba, there are some things which you must know about it which will make you even more intrigued about this Caribbean Island travel.

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1. Language

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The official language of Aruba is Papiamento. In Aruba, you will be facing no issues while communicating with the locals as they mostly know more than three languages, including English. The most common ones which residents know are Dutch, Spanish, and English. So during your vacation preparation time, don’t waste it on learning the languages of Aruba.

2. Aruban Currency

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The currency of Aruba is Aruban Florin, but you don’t have to worry much if you are going to travel from the US as US Dollars are widely accepted on the island. Make sure that you carry both credit and cash when you are coming to Aruba.

3. Beach Tennis in Aruba

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Something new that you will surely get to see on the Aruba beaches is Beach Tennis. The locals just love playing this sport which many people have not heard of. There are many thrilling sports that you can try out in Aruba.

4. Delicious Cuisines

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One thing that attracts the majority of the tourists to Aruba is the delicious food. The Caribbean cuisine and the authentic Aruban cuisine are very delicious, and it is a must-try when you are visiting Aruba. The seafood in Aruba is lip-smacking, and there is a huge variety available. Different kinds of exotic fishes are available in Aruba.

5. Local Cocktails

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Cocktails are the lifeline when you are in Aruba. The One Happy Island has its own signature drinks, which are a must to try, like the national drink Aruba Ariba. There is also a local beer on the island, which is called Balashi. Scintillate your tongue with new flavours, and you will surely enjoy them.

6. Safe Drinking Water

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Say bye-bye to buying bottled water as in Aruba. Even tap water is safe to drink. All you have to do is bring a refilling bottle that you can refill when you want. You will save some costs of buying water bottles during your trip due to this.

7. White Sand Beaches

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There is a magical thing about the white sand beaches of Aruba that the sand is such that it doesn’t get hot even when the temperature is the hottest. So, you can easily walk barefoot and enjoy your time to the fullest when you are on the beach in Aruba.

8. Sightseeing Places

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There are a lot of places which you must visit during your sightseeing adventure in Aruba. You will surely love all the attractions that Aruba has to offer and also you will get to know very interesting things about Aruba. The places which are a must-visit are Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Arikok National Park, Alto Vista Chapel, California Lighthouse, Museums, Cave Paintings, Antilla Wreck, Local festivals, and much more.

9. Exotic Wildlife

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If you are a wildlife lover, then Aruba is your dream destination as this island is rich in wildlife, marine life, flora, and fauna. Approximately there are a total of 200 species of birds can be seen in Aruba. You definitely must visit the Arikok National Park, where you will get to see many such creatures, and you will be amazed to see the beauty of this national park.

10. Vacation Rentals

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Regarding the vacation rental options in Aruba, there are the best rental options you can choose from. Visit www.VacationAruba.com for the best Aruba vacation rental properties. The vacation rental in Aruba offer a great living experience to the tourists than what they might get in resorts, and hotels. It is up to the requirement of the tourists regarding which vacation rental they choose. The tourists easily get suitable properties in their budget. The added advantage in Aruba vacation rentals is that the guests get the privacy that they require, excellent facilities, and cooking space.

11. Tiny Size of the Island

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Isn’t it so amazing to know that so much is there in this tiny island? The island is 19 and a half miles, so tourists do not face problems in roaming the whole island.

12. Transportation

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For the commute of the tourists, they can choose from the private and public transports. Renting a car is a very easy and convenient option for most guests. Public transportation is quite reasonable and easily accessible in all areas of Aruba.

13. Different Cultures

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You will get to see a mix of varied cultures in Aruba during your trip. There are high chances that you might find someone from your own culture. Also, don’t think that you might not get your cuisine in Aruba as there are many cuisines available.

14. Right Clothes

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Aruba is a windy island, so make sure that you are well prepared for it. Also, when you are packing for your trip, make sure to only pack light summer clothing and beach clothes.

15. Fine Dining

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There are many fine dining restaurants in Aruba, so if you ever want to go for a great dining experience, then there are plenty of options to choose from.

16. Carnival in Aruba

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You will get to experience the Carnival fun in Aruba, so make sure that you see the local carnivals when you are in Aruba.

17. Festivals

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There are many exotic festivals that are organized in Aruba, so make sure that you plan your trip to Aruba around that time. You can check the Aruban calendar and plan your trip accordingly.

18. Pack Snorkel Gear

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Make sure to pack your snorkel gear for your trip to Aruba, as if you don’t experience snorkeling in Aruba, then you will surely miss out a lot.

19. Rocky Side of the Island

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Explore the rugged terrains of Aruba, where you will see a different side of the island. There are many secluded spots to explore in Aruba for which you must take the adventure tours.

20. Pack Your Camera

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When you are travelling to Aruba then make sure that you do pack your camera along with you because there will be so much capture during your trip. The beautiful nature of Aruba might even bring out the photographer in you. Be prepared to click amazing pictures and pack your camera along with you.

So, here were the top things which you must know before going to Aruba. It will be of great help to you if you know well in advance about Aruba so that you can prepare accordingly and avoid any mishaps. Make sure that you enjoy your trip to Aruba to the fullest, as your days in the One Happy Island are very precious. Live each vacation moment to the fullest and go back with a truckload of memories.