What Is a Good Streaming Service to Replace Cable TV?

If you’re someone who wants to get rid of cable TV to save your money then you must be looking for an alternative option – which is typically (now a days, particularly) online streaming services. These trending online TV streaming services are serving as the go-to cable TV alternatives that also allow you to live-stream whatever you want to watch on their online platforms.

They don’t have any hidden charges or contracts that cannot be canceled and also allow you to be on-the-go – you can watching them on your phones, tablets, and tablets even when you are away from home.

For those who are eagerly looking for cable alternatives to replace them with online streaming services. Switching to online streaming service for them translates into the fact that you can cut the cord, get rid of the hefty monthly bills which oftentimes come with some hidden or ambiguous charges on top of the basic costs, if not that, the prices do increase after a certain period of time as it is mentioned too while signing up with any cable service too.


Moreover, unless it’s Spectrum, you have to sign a yearly or 24 months long agreement with the provider followed by a heavy termination fee – in case you change your mind during the contract period. These are the few top reasons, why people are inclined towards cutting the cords and switching to online streaming services.

Netflix and Amazon might sound really good options when it comes to Live streaming services but when it comes to watching local news or sports channels they may not be enough. Keep reading this article, to know how you can have a live TV at your place without paying heavy charges.

You can also check service providers such as Spectrum that do not charge enormously nor bind their customers in a contract followed by termination fee. Also, you will be able to get hold of all the Local channels (could be of your choice too) that not all the streaming service offers very commonly. There can be other providers too that offer what you are looking for, you have to determine what exactly you are searching for and how much are you willing to pay for that.


One of the most popular alternatives to Cable TV is Sling TV. Its blue plan cost starts from $30 monthly fees. This plan comes with around 50+ channels. Another amazing plan is the Sling Orange plan which comes with 32 channels but at the same cost. However, both plans have different channels therefore you need to read the details carefully before subscribing. Or you can opt for Sling TV’s Blue + Orange package which gives all the channels that Sling does have for only $45 monthly fees. The list of channels includes AMC, Comedy Central, ESPN, Bravo, NBC, and Fox in some regions.


Another option is Hulu (streaming service) accompanied by Live TV for $55 monthly fees. It comes with more number of channels. Also, it allows access to Hulu’s library which has a vast number of movies, shows, and series available for its customers to watch. The best part is: you can also watch local and cable channels in this package. You can record videos on Cloud DVR. Moreover, you will be able to stream the original Hulu’s content.


When it comes to online streaming services, other than these two alternatives for cable TV i.e. Netflix and HULU, there is one of the strongest competitors among all the options is YouTube TV. It has an unlimited range of different channels that includes some local channels as well. But, the point which makes it stand out is the option to have an unlimited DVR. Due to which you can record as many videos and content as much you want to without worrying about anything.

Furthermore, AT&TV is also one of the most popular available options but this option is the least ideal due to it’s a high price. Although it includes HBO as well. Besides that, it gives DVR storage of 500 hours to its customers. Then, of course, Netflix (another live streaming service), particularly when it comes to TV alternatives, the most loved Live Streaming service in the market if you love binge-watching shows, movies and series.

Conclusive Notes:


The best way to decide which service is more ideal to choose is to check their pricing and compare it in detail with what the competitors are offering for the same price. If you have a budget of less than $40 the only available option for you is Sling – whether you choose the orange package or blue package – because every other online streaming service charges at least $50 per month.

Although they might provide less number of channels yet as per pricing factor Sling is the only go-to option. There are more than a few options available on the market, whether you are comparing cable TV providers or online streaming services or both – you can easily find what you are looking for – that too without exceeding your budget.

But, if you want all the local channels such as FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS then Sling may not be your thing. You might want to look for YouTube TV as it gives you all you need at very reasonable prices i.e. $50 a month. Though, it’s the price is only $5 less than Hulu with Live TV. If you think you wouldn’t want to miss out on Hulu’s original deal than you can go for Hulu. However, you will miss out on unlimited recording on DVR.

If you have any other alternative that you would like to recommend, do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, we would love to know how did you find this article and point out if you want us to add more options that we might have missed.

*the prices mentioned in the article are subject to change, you can always confirm the latest prices and policies from the official websites.