Steps to Land a job in Bangalore with Green Belt Certification

The concept of Six Sigma was introduced by an engineer in Motorola, Bill Smith, in 1986. The aim of this concept was to improve the devices of the company, which were not meeting the quality requirements.

Six Sigma is basically a set of tools and processes that aims at improving production, eliminating any kind of defect in the product, and enhancing its quality. Through the Six Sigma Certification, professionals become skilled in processes that revolve around the identification of risks, errors, and defects in products and remove them in order to create good quality products.

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Certification Levels of Six Sigma:

There are numerous levels of Six Sigma Certification that one can undergo. These certifications can be obtained via the American Society for Quality (ASQ). These levels include:

Six Sigma White Belt

This is the most basic level of certification around the Six Sigma concepts. People who clear this certification are employed in the change management team of the firm and help teams in problem-solving.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

At this level, one is required to be aware of all the specifics of Six Sigma and its applications. Yellow belts help project teams with problem-solving tasks.

Six Sigma Green Belt

At this level, one can take forth their understanding and use it to resolve problems affecting quality. Green Belts are given the responsibility to lead the projects and assist the black belts in collecting data and analyzing it.

Six Sigma Black Belt

They are known to be experts in their domain, provide training for Six Sigma, and lead projects.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt

This is the highest level of achievement possible with respect to Six Sigma. Once you are this level, your work will be around developing strategy, key metrics as well as acting as a consultant and coaching the other black as well as green belts.

Six Sigma Certification not only provides individuals with a certain level of experience but also helps one become a specialist in process improvement and also enhances one’s credibility. In today’s competitive environment, a firm can stay in the market only if it is up to date with the kinds of technologies and concepts that the world is using.

It can become a leader in its product niche only with eliminating wastage and improving the efficiency of the processes. With the help of the Six Sigma Green Belt, professionals can take the data-driven approach, support improvement initiatives, and improve the already existing processes being deployed in the firm.

With so much said about Green Belt Certification, let us look more in-depth as to what exactly can be the advantages of this certification workwise and how it can help one in landing their dream job in Bangalore.

Advantages of Green Belt

Reduce Risk of the firm and become indispensable. As suggested by Knowledgehut, Six Sigma Green Belt certification, you will automatically become very important to the firm as you would know ways to identify the errors in the processes being used and help them eliminate those errors. Since there are so many firms in Bangalore looking to hire such experienced personnel, you will be their first choice for such a kind of work.

Your skills will be valued in every industry

Six Sigma techniques are not limited to one industry since processes are developed in every sector for the efficient working of the product. With several industries in Bangalore, including IT, HR, financial services, banking, marketing, electronics, telecom, and aerospace, your skills are going to be a lot of value add to the firms and you will also have several options to choose from.

Rise to the post of a manager

Once this Green Belt Certification is completed, you will get a clear understanding as to how you can measure and quantify financial benefits by executing a Six Sigma project. This certification helps professionals in acquiring financial management and risk assessment skills. With a lot of companies in Bangalore, you will easily be able to make ways in the middle and top-level managerial positions.

With knowledge comes money

Becoming a Six Sigma certified professional is no easy achievement. Also, with every rise in the level, you are required to put in a greater number of years for preparing since the exams are difficult to pass. The top-level companies in Bangalore understand the efforts and the skills required to pass such a certification along with its value add, which is you can expect to see yourself in the category of the highest-paid professionals.

Gain the trust of the stakeholder

The first step in being able to develop a good business is by ensuring that your stakeholders and customers trust you. With the right kind of qualifications, you can prove your credibility and show them that your firm puts quality before anything else. A company that focuses on quality can prove its worth to its investors.

The importance of Six Sigma is high when it comes to being able to prove your efficiency in the market or get your hands on your dream job. In a world with a very cut-throat competition when it comes to jobs, be rest assured that this certification will get you one of the best jobs since it is enough to prove to your employer that you are efficient and, most importantly, will put quality above everything else.

If you are still thinking about whether going ahead with this certification is a good idea, don’t worry because it will. Not only will it have monetary benefits, but it will also give you the confidence to be able to deal with and make your firm’s mark in the competitive market out there. The certification from a recognized will not only help you stand out from your competitors while applying for a job, but you will also get better pay as compared to non-certified professionals.