Helpful Bachelor Party Guide 2024

Planning an epic “last night of freedom” requires a long list of best bachelor party ideas but it also requires a few considerations. Make sure that the night – or weekend – goes off without a hitch and leaves the entire group of guys full of memories by following these critical bachelor party planning steps.

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Time Is Of The Essence

Sit down with the bachelor 1-on-1 to determine just how much time you have to play with. Before you can figure out what to do for a bachelor party you have to understand what your restrictions are for example factoring in travel and recovery time. This is true regardless if you have just an evening or an entire week.

This portion of planning should come at least 6 weeks in advance, to give everyone enough heads up to make their arrangements, and should provide a clear understanding of a firm date when this is all going to go down.

Role Call

During the same 1-on-1 discuss some general – not games to play at a bachelor party at this point – ideas and (more importantly at this point) the guest list. The reason that you want to discuss general ideas is to determine if you’re going to a party locally, across the country, or internationally. This can drastically affect the guest list. It’s tough enough coordinating 20 guys getting to a local pub. Trying to get them all to Monte Carlo is exponentially more difficult.

If you’re planning on hopping the pond make sure that the guest list is reduced to the groom’s closest and most reliable friends.

For reasonably close events, the magic guest list number is 10. Any more than this and you’ll find your group having to eat at separate tables and having to split up during activities.

Narrow It Down

Once you have a firm understanding of the guest list you can start reading into social dynamics to determine the most appropriate bachelor party activities. Ultimately you want to cater to the groom’s wildest wishes, but you don’t want to dampen things with a Negative Norman.

It’s recommended that you have a lunch or evening out with the intended guests and present them with a formal invitation. During the small even test the waters with a few of your best ideas – check out Wedding Forward for a list of some ideas for bachelors party that every man can get into – ideas to see what receives the most enthusiasm and – just as importantly – pushback.

Enthusiasm makes sure that everyone will be looking forward to the event. You can hit the ground running with the good times and keep them rolling until it’s time to go home. Any sort of apathy or negativity almost guarantees the well will be poisoned and will drag down the fun for everyone.

There’s also going to be a million tiny ideas like things to see, things to do, and things to eat. Make sure to write all of this down for the next part.

Man With A Plan

So far we know where we’re going, we know what the Groom has his heart set on, and we have feedback from the entire (reasonably sized) guest list.

The next step in planning your bachelor party fun is to fill your time with non-stop fun. Well, that isn’t exactly true. After you choose the main event – like skydiving for example – you’ll also have to plan meals, travel, and accommodations.

These types of events are best left a little loose. Choose a great restaurant that everyone will love, but also leave enough flexibility for the guys to change their minds at the last moment. This rule of thumb goes for everything that doesn’t require a deposit. Spending a week at a tropical resort and planning to swim with the dolphins? Let the guys go hiking if they wake up and just feel like it. Have an exotic breakfast planned? Let the guys sleep off their hangover if they need to.

Coordination Is Key

Last but not least is keeping everyone in the loop and on track. Plan a series of Emails and checklists so that everything is prepared and everyone is accounted for. Start by handing out an itinerary after the details have been settled to give people the chance to provide their fun things to do for a bachelor party feedback. Making changes earlier on is easier than last minute.

Also, hand out a checklist of everything they’ll need for the event so that no one is caught off guard. Simple things like a passport is required, but also make sure to include location-specific things like towels and a bathing suit. Too much information is better than not enough.


Five easy steps are all you really need to successfully plan a bachelor party. Figure out where you’re going, make sure the guest list is reliable, get everyone’s feedback, put it on paper, and keep everyone coordinated. Do that and you’ll be just fine.