Henry Rollins Net Worth 2024 & Earnings – How Much He Earns?

Henry Rollins is a popular American who deals with writing and acting, but he is also host, comedian and above all a musician who is known throughout the United States. During his career, he appeared in certain TV and radio shows, but he was a columnist writer, as well. All of these professions have brought him great popularity as well as quite a lot of wealth. In the following text, we decided to present you some information about his personal life and career, but also about the net worth of this multitalented personality. Well, if you’re ready, let’s start.

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Early Life & Biography

The real name Henry Rollins is Henry Lawrence Garfield, but people know him more by his stage name. He was born on February 13, 1961 as the only child in the family. When he was very young, his parents divorced. This unpleasant situation led to him being raised by her mother. It was a really difficult period in his life because he faced divorce, but also with sexual harassment.


All these bad things with which he had to fight had caused depression, so Henry had to receive expert medical assistance in order to get out of the problem.


As far as education is concerned, Henry Rollins attended Bullis School as well as preparatory school for boys. Henry’s religion is a very interesting part of his life. Namely, he does not believe in God, but does not declare himself as an atheist. The cause of this kind of thinking can be a difficult childhood and lack of love of both parents, because, as we already said, he grew up only with the mother.


Personal Life

Another interesting part of his personality is his view of love. He does not believe in love and so far, it is not known that he had a girlfriend, so he did not marry. He also decided not to have children. As far as more details about Henry Rollins’ personal lives are concerned, no more information is available because he does not like to talk too much about himself.


Career, Awards & Nominations

On the other hand, a lot of information about his career is known. He was very interested in music from his earliest days. Earlier career was marked with cooperation with the Teen Idles Band in two ways. In the beginning, he worked as their roadie, but at one point they were left without singer, and it was an opportunity for young Henry to show his talent.


It happened in 1980, when his career officially began. After working with Teen Idles Band, Rollins collaborated with members of the “Extorts” with whom he formed the “State of Alert” band. In 1981, they introduced their first and only E.P.

After successful collaboration with S.O.A., Henri became a member of the Black Flag, but only until 1986 when was disbanded. After that, “Rollins Band” was established, which lasted until 1998, and later a new band with the same name was created, including Rollins himself, as well as members of the “Mother Superior” band with whom he co-operated until 2003.


After his musical career, Henry focused more on other things such as film, TV and writing. He appeared in several films such as “Bad Boys II” and “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights”, while his career as a writer resulted in the publication of the books “See a Grown Man Cry”, “Black Coffee Blues” and “Now Watch Him Die”.


He also worked on the radio as a host of ‘Harmony in my Head’, but he also wrote for Vanity Fair Magazine as well as L.A. Weekly. Perhaps the most important award in his career is “Grammy Award for the Best-Spoken Word Album” which he received for “Get in the Van” in 1994.

Henry Rollins Net Worth

During his career, Henry Rollins dealt with a variety of things, such as music, writing, and was host of some shows on radio and TV. This engagement brought him popularity across the United States, but also a great net worth. His fortune was estimated at $15 million. His success was highly respected because he accomplished all this with his own hard work.