How Do You Know You Are Dating a Cheater?

Whether you have been on a few dates or are thinking of taking your relationship to the next level, you want to be confident that your partner is all that they say they are.

The sad fact is that cheating is on the rise – a recent study finds that a partner who has cheated once is likely to cheat again. You don’t want to be in a potentially heart-breaking relationship.

Before you think of long-term commitment, look out for these telltale behavioral signs that you are dating a cheater.

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If your partner avoids giving direct answers to even simple questions, if they often come up with a defensive explanation, then it is possible they may be hiding something. While it is not necessary that you know every detail about their life, you should get a truthful answer.


Hiding the phone screen or shutting a laptop the moment you come is a sign that he/she is being secretive and hiding something.

Phone Calls and Messages

Are they getting calls from unknown numbers? Or moving away from you to have a quick conversation and then saying it was work related? Message beeps, but he or she does not want to tell you who they are from?

It may well be a sign of guilt, particularly if messages and calls records are quickly deleted.

While you don’t want to be labeled a snoop, sometimes it is better to check and know the truth than be in the dark.

Low Interest in Bed

If your partner could not wait to be intimate with you earlier, but now seems to be pulling away from it, it could be a sign that they are getting special attention from someone else.

Not Being Available

Working late or going out of town often and simply not being there after making a commitment (and it is not actual work commitments) points to possible cheating. It can well be an evasive tactic and, if it happens once too often, you should beware.

Seclusion from Friends and Family

If your partner has never introduced you to friends and family, this can be a significant red flag regarding your partner’s commitment to you. Even if he/she is at odds with the family or they stay far away, at some point, your partner should at least include you in the friends’ circle.


According to an online survey carried out by on 70,000 adults, 22% of the people admitted to cheating on their partners in a monogamous relationship.

The longer you stay with a cheater, the more difficult it may be to leave as you have already invested a great deal in the relationship.

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Connect the dots before more time passes, and it becomes increasingly difficult to get over the relationship. While there are no guarantees in life, you do owe it to yourself to be in a happy and stable relationship that gives you joy, not stress.