How Retailers Use QR Codes in Products and Services

QR codes in retail have changed how brands develop and market their products and services.

Whether for pricing strategies or consumer guides, the multi-functionality and versatility of QR codes allow for endless possibilities of applications that brands can use.

QR code technology gives retailers a market edge against their competitors in the digital space, especially amid the booming e-commerce industry and the rise of contactless solutions.

The great thing is that a QR code generator now has plenty of advanced tools, such as customization and tracking performance, allowing brands to boost their brand recognition in their products and services.

Here are a few creative examples of using QR codes for retail:

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QR codes for cashless payments

Many people carry less and less cash because digital mobile payments are becoming increasingly common.


As a retailer, QR codes for contactless payments allow customers to settle their transactions quickly using only their smartphones.

From a management standpoint, cashless payments are easy to track because its system records the transaction history comprehensively.

Generating QR codes for cashless payments takes only a few simple steps because most mobile banking apps and wallets readily list QR code generation in their options.

Print the QR code and place it on the storefront or counter for customers to scan once they purchase a product or avail of a service in the retail store.

QR codes for consumer directions

Customers may need accurate directions on storing, cleaning, or using certain products like shirts, sneakers, or pants.

As QR codes can contain different media formats like PDFs, URLs, and videos, they are a great way to inform customers about these directions.

You can place QR codes for consumer directors on tags, boxes, packaging, cards, and other materials that best apply to retailers.

Using QR codes for consumer directions benefits customers because they can easily refer back to scan the code instead of printing directions on paper that can be misplaced easily.

With dynamic QR codes, you can edit the information on the QR code to include more updated information.

QR codes to boost online presence


Retailers now present online in e-commerce websites and online shopping apps.

While having a strong in-store presence is crucial, a solid online presence is more important than ever as more people shop online for convenience.

Placing QR codes into the packaging, which quickly redirects customers to the online store, informs customers where they can see the brand’s products on digital platforms.

For more prominent brands that can develop their mobile shopping apps, a QR code can redirect them to the mobile phone’s app store for more effortless downloading.

With an advanced QR code feature, a single QR code can redirect differently depending on the smartphone’s app platform: App Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android.

QR codes for promotional offers

When running discounts, vouchers, and other promotional offers, QR codes can be an effective dissemination tool for customers and potential buyers.

Before revealing the discount code or voucher, brands can prompt users to fill out a Google Form for their name, email address, contact number, and other details.

Brands can use this information for customer emailing lists or text blasts whenever they have sales, discounts, and new items.


This encourages potential return customers, which are as important, if not more important, than new customers.

Using QR codes creatively can build brand loyalty and recall that customers can share with their family and friends.

Innovate retail experiences with QR codes

Using QR codes benefits both retailers and customers.

With creative uses of technology in the retail industry, customers can experience new ways to settle their payments, shop online, get discount codes, and more.

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