How Much Should It Cost For Custom Box Design Work To Be Done?

It is a solid plan to learn what custom box design is going to cost before you decide on who to work with. You also need to figure out what you should look for in a company that does work on custom boxes. That way, you can get the job done properly and can be happy with the results.

You’re going to need to get everything down on paper related to what you want boxes to look like. If you’re good with graphic arts, then you can design the box on a computer so you can see what the end result will look like. You don’t want to just order something based on ideas you have without knowing how it will all turn out. That way, you aren’t surprised with how everything looks because you did some work and saw the end result before everything was finished.

Contact a few custom box companies with your ideas and ask them what they will charge you to get a few boxes made up. That way, you can figure out who is charging what and can avoid any service that is charging far more than what they should be. You’ll find that there are companies out there that get away with having high prices. This is because they know that some people won’t do any research. Also, if something is very cheap be careful with that as well because that may indicate that the work they do is low quality.


Before you work with a company based on price, you also need to look into their reputation. Try to look up what people have been saying about the company so you’re aware of what to expect should you work with them. When all you see are negative reviews online then you know that they are not worth doing business with because that’s how you end up not liking what they do for you.

Always go with who is well known even if it costs a little more because then you don’t have to deal with everything that comes with not being happy with the boxes you order.

It is wise to order just a few custom boxes to begin with so you can see what they are like before you pay to have a lot of them made. Ask the company that you’re thinking of working with what a sample will cost you to get so you can see it in person and know if you want to have them make many more for you. This may cost a little money but it still can benefit you so see if a company is willing to make a sample order happen.


What do you do if you are not happy with how the boxes turn out? A lot of the time, you’re not going to be able to get all of your money back when you have a company make something custom for you. This is because when you send the boxes back or get a refund in general, there’s nothing they can do to make their money back. Even so, some companies will work with you if you’re not happy. You still should make very sure that you know what the boxes will look like before ordering them in bulk.

See if the company that prints boxes has other services they provide. That way, if they can do work on something like inserts for subscription boxes you want to create, you don’t have to pay as much because they will just charge a shipping price for the overall order. If you were to order something from one company and then something else from another, that means you’ll have to pay shipping two times. When everything comes from one company, they can combine the shipping for you and the price on that will be a lot cheaper in most situations so be sure you ask the company about what else they can do.

Have a link to your website on your boxes or some other form of advertising. That way, you’re getting more out of the box than it just being what you ship items in. When it features something on it that leads people to your products and/or services, then you can consider the box to be an ad for you as it is used for different things. Even if it’s just for shipping, someone may use it for other things like moving or storing things so your box will be seen multiple times.


Get new boxes designed on a regular basis so people know that you’re keeping up with the times. For instance, you may have boxes at one point that are simple and easy to have made. Then, later you can add more to them like a QR code that can be scanned in to lead people to a website of some kind. If you just leave the boxes the way they are, you’re missing out on impressing people time and again. When something stays the same people get used to it a lot of the time so it loses its impact.

One final tip is to always check your spelling when you are ordering a custom box with text on it. If there is a spelling problem, then you may not know about it until someone points it out to you later. Think about if you know anyone that can proofread the text for you. When that’s not an option, you can find a forum online or a group through social media that you can make a post to that asks if everything looks good. Be careful if you’re just using a spellchecker on a PC because if you do that and a word is spelled two different ways it won’t catch an error if the word is the wrong version of it.

Custom box design is something you need to look into carefully so you get it done well. There are plenty of options out there and now you know how to pick from the best. Take your time with this and when your boxes are made you’ll be very happy with how they look. You can check out to get more information about custom box designs and packaging.