How to Block Adult Sites: A Comprehensive Guide for All Devices and Systems

Sexual attraction is entirely natural, as is purposeful viewing of adult content. However, this applies only to adults who understand what they are seeking and watching.

The current situation with pornography has gone beyond reasonable bounds. Nowadays, advertisements featuring exposed body parts, sexual toys, and promises of “quick encounters” can be found almost everywhere:

  • In email newsletters.
  • On websites.
  • In marketing banners (even on social media).
  • In gaming and software ads.
  • On various types of web resources.

This is a widespread issue on the internet in general. Not only does such content distort children’s minds, but it often serves as a carrier of viruses. Therefore, the best way to prevent problems is through a preventive measure, specifically blocking porn sites using specialized digital tools.

We offer you a resource where you can learn about the key risks your devices face from adult content websites. Additionally, you can discover methods to effectively combat such content’s spam, including installing trusted blockers like AWAX.

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Why Do You Need to Block Adult Site? Top 3 Reasons from Cybersecurity Experts



Did you know that over 4.2 million websites have explicit content on the internet? That’s nearly 12% of all websites. Furthermore, according to Research And Markets, the value of the “adult entertainment” industry reached $172.5 billion in 2024.

By 2031, this figure is projected to increase by almost $100 billion, totaling $267.3 billion. The key driver behind this growth is the internet, specifically the promotion of products, services, and content online.

In addition to explicit images and videos (which are not inherently risky), the incorporation of malicious code into content or URLs is becoming increasingly popular. Depending on its purpose, such code can trigger the activation of 18+ advertising campaigns through email, spamming with banners, or, in the worst-case scenario, blocking a user’s operating system, demanding payment for deactivation.

Take note of a few more reasons why using a block site porn is advisable.

1. Content Censorship



The prevalence of pornography on the internet is readily apparent. Content with explicit material is displayed even on news websites, file-sharing platforms, and social media. This is because such marketing materials can be quite lucrative for the owners of these resources.

It’s not pleasant to encounter explicit images, animations, or videos on websites that aren’t intended for such content, is it? Especially when such advertisements pop up during family browsing sessions or while reading the news.

This is the primary reason why it’s still worth considering using a block porn DNS.

2. Protection of Personal Data



Websites collect user data, and this is a well-known fact. Even the owners of these resources state this information in their “User Policies.” In the context of adult portals, this can have several negative consequences.

By visiting a porn site (intentionally or not), a user shares information with its owners, including:

  • Region
  • Device type, its serial number (sometimes even IMEI)
  • Network provider (mobile or local operators)
  • Personal preferences
  • Phone number, email address
  • Occasionally, photos, full names, credit card details, and more

Consequently, users start to see even more of this type of content as they become targets for content providers’ targeting. To avoid becoming a part of such a scenario, you need to know how to block porn sites.

3. Device Security

Viruses that adversely affect user devices, such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, are often encountered after viewing adult content or even unintentionally clicking on banners with explicit content.

Such viruses can have very unpleasant consequences, including:

  • Automatically opening a specific website after device startup.
  • Changing the homepage to a porn site.
  • Sending spam emails for “quick encounters”.
  • Unexpected advertising in various places.
  • Complete device lockdown with a demand for payment to unlock.

The last scenario is the most critical, as it usually requires reinstalling the operating system (firmware in the case of smartphones). Therefore, this is yet another reason for preventive porn blocking. You’ll also learn several methods for accomplishing this.

Ways to Combat 18+ Content



You’ll achieve a pornsite blocked result if you follow our recommendations. We’ll discuss common methods for combating explicit content and assess the effectiveness of each one.

Note: Some methods require additional knowledge and skills in working with PCs or involving external experts. So, if you lack these skills, opt for simpler methods.

In any case, a preventive blocked adult content site approach is a guarantee that you won’t encounter negative consequences from visiting such websites. At the very least, it will protect your technical device (PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone) and operating system from viruses, advertisements, and more. Let’s highlight the most effective methods for achieving this.

External Software

A simple and reliable method is porn block DNS. It involves installing specialized software on your device, which automatically creates connection rules with the network, cutting off all harmful traffic (and 18+ content, depending on the user’s preference).

Note: Be aware that not all programs are safe for users (a bit of cognitive dissonance there). Nowadays, quite a bit of malicious software disguises itself as ad and pornography blockers. However, when you install such apps, they often start spamming you with marketing and 18+ content.

Trust only verified IT solutions from leading distributors. And remember that free ad-blocking products aren’t really free. Users don’t pay for their installation and launch, but they’re monetized through… advertisements and data collection. That’s why you shouldn’t trust those who claim free blockers are the best.

For example, AWAX is a blocker that cares about your device’s security. It offers a free trial period but doesn’t monetize through ads, so it comes at a cost. However, it’s worth every penny.

AWAX – Ensuring Censorship and Safety

This is a reliable tool that offers you many capabilities:

  • Built-in VPN filter that scans and cleans all traffic.
  • Configuration system to block 18+ websites.
  • A constantly updated database of harmful websites, codes, and more.
  • No user data collection.
  • No impact on device performance.

Reasonable pricing, a 7-day trial, support for key operating systems (both mobile and desktop), and maximum efficiency. All of this characterizes AWAX as a reliable ad blocker, including for pornographic websites.

Built-in Browser Protection

Current browser versions at the basic level can work with DNS blocking porn. However, they only disable “suspicious” websites and platforms, not all of them at once.

By configuring browser settings and search preferences, you can request the system not to display explicit content or 18+ materials. This method indeed works.

But it doesn’t protect you from advertisements with explicit content or URLs with malicious code. Therefore, it’s not ideal, though effective for simple PC or smartphone usage scenarios.

Firewall Configuration

The built-in firewall in Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems can also block connections to various websites. To configure DNS to block porn, you’ll need to enter the configuration into the connection rules of the built-in software. For example, in Windows Defender Firewall and its counterparts for other operating systems.

This method, while effective, is not very convenient. You’ll have to manually create rules for each individual website or software.

Blocking at the Provider Level


This method suits those who use internet service providers. By contacting your provider’s representative, you can request them to block access to 18+ resources at the system level.

In this case, the provider makes changes to the network policy for your connection, blocking all websites labeled as 18+.

Alternatively, you can configure your home router. This method is what’s known as DNS porn blocking. Modern network equipment already has filters with a database of websites that automatically update from time to time. However, this is the most complex method that not everyone can handle independently.

Choose a comprehensive approach if your goal is to quickly protect your device from the negative impact of harmful links, viruses, and explicit content. Install a multifunctional tool like AWAX on your device and appreciate its advantages!