How to Buy Perfect Sunglasses for Someone else

In the past, sunglasses have been used mostly for protection from bright sunlight. This is still a common use today, but their purpose has greatly expanded in recent times. Sunglasses are a timeless item and something that anyone should have and know how ti incorporate in their wardrobe.

The primary purpose of the sunglasses is to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation (UV) and blue light emitted by fluorescent lamps and other lighting inside buildings, computers, and mobile phones. The damage caused by UV and blue light has been linked to macular degeneration, cataracts, and corneal damage. Sunglasses with UV protection of about 400nm or more can reduce the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. The right pair can really make a difference in someones

So sunglasses can be the ideal gift for any occasion. Sunglasses are a great gift for basically any occasion. They’re a more affordable option than designer handbags or shoes, so even if you don’t feel the need to give a lot of money, you can still give out a lasting memory by gifting them the perfect pair of glasses. This is the ideal gift as they can be worn all year and are easy to pick. We aren’t saying shopping for eyewear gifts for your loved ones For more information, you can read more here. There are some style guidelines you should follow. Here are five tips to help you pick sunglasses for someone else.

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Determine the size and the shape correctly


It’s not easy, but it is an important step towards finding the perfect frames for someone you love. You need to look at the sunglasses your loved one already has. LooAs you might already know, some face shapes work better with certain glasses than others.

For example, triangle-shaped faces look great in both cat-eye and oval glasses. Similarly, square-shaped faces often suit round and rectangle lenses as well as angular and squared frames. For example, round-faced ladies should steer clear of angular or squared frames because these two shapes highlight the curvature of the face even more. Similarly, diamond-faced ladies stay away from small oval styles because these frames often highlight the sharp angles of their faces. So it can be confusing when reading about face shapes to figure out what kind of glasses would suit the different face types best. That’s why we decided to create this small guide for people who already have a little knowledge of face shapes or are willing to learn more about their own shapes.

Face shapes are categorized into four basic types – round, square, oval, and diamond. Your face shape can determine which styles of glasses will look best for you. If you’re not sure what your face shape is, here’s how to find out:

Round Face Shape


This is characterized by full cheeks that give the impression of curves all around. As such, circular frames should be avoided for a flattering look. Other things to avoid: narrow straps and delicate styles, as they will accentuate the roundness of your face even more.

Square Face Shape


You have strong angular features that can be accentuated with certain styles of glasses. Thick temples and rims will work perfectly on square faces as wider frames draw attention down from your brows to your lips, making them appear shorter and wider.

Oval Face Shape


This is considered the perfect shape so any type of frame will suit you best. When choosing glasses try to aim for simple styles with soft curves rather than dramatic shapes or patterns. Any style works so go ahead, pick your favorite!

Diamond Face Shape


You have high cheekbones and a narrow chin that can be emphasized with glasses that are dark-colored, angular, or slightly cat-eyed in shape. This will draw the eye away from your wide forehead.

Heart-Shaped Face


Your face is widest at the temples, which gradually tapers toward the jawline. Opt for frames that are wider below the eyes to soften an elongated look. Avoid full plastic styles as these may appear overly large on you.

Oblong/Rectangular Face


Your face is about twice as long as it’s wide, with parallel sides and very little curve. Glasses should follow this rule too by being long along the top and bottom of your face

Ask about fashionable brands


Designer sunglasses are not all created equal. It’s possible that your friend or loved one has a passion for certain designers. He/she might also be averse to certain designers. Your friend might love Prada but not Gucci. To get a better idea of the designers your friend is into, take note of their current wardrobe.

Think about their style

Every person has a different style and there are many frames to suit that. Aviators are great for people who are sporty or fun-loving. Large black frames look great with a stylish wardrobe. Full round lenses give the 70s touch of glamour. Colored lenses and mirrored lenses are best for fun and the kind of adventure type of people.

Refer to Celebrity Icons for inspiration


You could look up to celebrities to determine your loved one’s style. if Many famous stars have contributed to the evolution of the styles that are now available. A pair of bigger-sized sunglasses may suit someone who dresses ladylike and for a cool suave type, something like the classic ray bans look would be ideal.

Take a look at the purpose of sunglasses

Sunglasses can be used for all seasons, so they make great gifts. You can make sure they are used to their full potential by considering the various uses of sunglasses. Think will they be using the glasses for a style outfit or more for an outdoor adventure. That will be important when figuring out what to buy for them.