How to Choose the Right Water Filtration System for Your Home or Workplace?

Clean drinking water is essential for healthy living. Unfortunately, as human life has become more advanced and as we strive to bring up our standards of living, the quality of natural resources has been going down exponentially.

With increased pollution, landfills and industrial waste being dumped into fresh water sources, the water supply that most of us get in our households is unfit for human consumption. One solution to address this problem was to resort to bottled water, but that only adds to the carbon footprint. Therefore, the most sensible solution is to install a water filter at your household and workplaces.

While more people today are willing to install water filters, it is still a new phenomenon and with different varieties of water filters available in the market (for more information click here), people often get confused about picking up the right product. Here are a few key factors that you should remember when picking up a water filter for your household or workplace. 

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Source of Water

One of the most important aspects that you need to consider when investing in a water filtration system is the source of your water supplies. Some households get their water supplies from freshwater sources such as a reservoir, lake, and rivers. Others get their water supply from underground well water. Both these water supplies have different levels of contamination. Generally well water does not only have a higher level of impurities but also have a few more difficult bacterias and minerals that are rarely found in freshwater supplies. Since filtration systems have different rejection rates, if your household has well water supply, it is recommended that you invest in a system that is dedicated to catering to well water needs.

Purpose of Filtration

Some places, such as workplaces and offices and even many households prefer getting water filter systems to filter water for drinking or max cooking purposes only. However, many households prefer getting a complete water filtration solution, which is the smarter way to go if you have a hard water supply. Hard water is not just unfit for human consumption, but it can also damage your skin and hair during a shower, damage your clothes during laundry cycles and can even damage your plumbing and appliances. The kind of water filtration system that you need to buy largely depends on your usage and purpose of water filtration.


Water filtration units are available in different sizes. According to AvidWater, you can place a water filter right on the counter or under the sink, or you can have a large unit mounted on a wall or installed in a corner of your house. Besides the price point, this choice also largely depends on the space available in your kitchen or elsewhere in the house. Most houses do not have large free spaces available to install bulky systems and have no choice but to go with smaller units.

Water Pressure

Water filters use different technologies for filtering out contaminants. The difference in design and technology often results in variable water pressure. For many people, it is frustrating and impractical to work with slower water pressure especially when they are in a rush. If you are someone who is very finicky about water pressure, choose equipment that has decent water pressure.


Water filters are all about maintenance. It is essential for you to change the filters timely in order to ensure that you continue to get clean drinking water for a longer time. The maintenance protocols, cost of filter replacement and time of filter replacements vary from product to product. It is best to pick a product with easier and cost-effective maintenance. The essence is to improve the quality of the water. You can check StormTrap for additional support in this matter.