How to Find Authorized Legal Translation in Dubai

In the world full of different diversities, religions, customs, and people there is one more thing which couldn’t be weighed lesser than every other aspect is the number of native languages spoken around the world. There are almost 7,111 languages spoken all around the world out of which Asia alone has 2,294 spoken languages.

This brings us to a concern where almost every growing company or industry would need a localization channel to outreach their company’s product. Due to which companies need to hire a professional translation service. Many translation services around the world provide translation from one language to another. But the main problem occurs at the time of hiring a translation service for a law firm.

Legal translations are not only difficult to translate but may also cause some serious reputational hazards and financial losses if any mistranslation occurs. Therefore, the law firms always go for the best and the experienced translation service providers.

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Practices to Follow While Hiring Legal Translation Services in Dubai

When talking about a particular city like Dubai, the concern remains the same as of the other cities. There are very few good translation services in Dubai to go for. And finding a translation service for a law firm becomes more toilsome. Translation of legal records can involve multiple semantics, hundreds and thousands of documents and compact deadlines. And to make it more facile to hire a legal translation service in Dubai here are some practices to follow-

Languages Covered

Get knowledge about the number of languages the company can translate your data into and also find out if your native language belongs to the translation categorical list or not. Because it could be the breaking point if the language you want your data to be translated into does not come under the company’s translation service.

Experience Matters

Hire a translation service that has more experience in the field of translation. As more the experience more will be the knowledge to handle the legal translations nicely because legal translation requires a lot more than just a translation. It requires the knowledge of the wide array of legal documents, such as laws, resolutions, regulations, decrees, contracts, court judgments, legal notices, pleadings, expert reports, arbitration proceedings, as well as police and public prosecution reports.

Quality of the Translation

One of the most significant contemplation is the quality of the translation. It isn’t sufficient to take a look at samples of past translation work to decide the nature of the translation. It is essential for the law agency to get some explanations concerning the translation company’s work practices, how they pick their interpreters, their systems for quality control and their post-translation procedures, for example, altering and editing.

It is a smart thought to take a look at their accreditation with legitimate industry associations, which we will be discussing again in detail. The law agency ought to likewise ask about how the company handles blunders in translation.

Certified or Not

Look into the company’s website or contact the company to know about the certification of the company. Go for the company with a proper accreditation like ISO 17100 certified and also follow a three-step verification method that guarantees perfect and uniform interpretations every time. Do not go for the uncertified company, as it may not be financially safe to invest in a company that is not certified.

Clients and Projects Handled

Go for the company which has completed more projects. Because projects bring more experience and trustworthiness in the company. Also, get feedback from some of their clients to know about the company’s pros and cons. It will be useful to your company if you check for online references as well. Check whether you can call them so you can decide how great the translation company is and discover how they treat their customers.

A translation company with strong notoriety in the field of legal translation can assist you with managing a remote culture and furnish you with tips identified with your business. Much the same as you have a notoriety to maintain, an expert translation company will guarantee that you get your translations on schedule – an exact, appropriately organized and the perfect representation of your unique archive. This would help in choosing the right service.


The service provider’s services should be well under your budget so that you can get some financial benefits with accurate translation results. But also don’t go for someone providing very cheap or free services as they may leak your data which could prove to be more disastrous than investing some more amounts in the right place.

Customers are cautious about extra costs, so discover a translation company that offers you quality work at the correct cost. It helps to correlate costs for a similar kind of administration. You need to check if their rate per word is comprehensive or you need to pay extra for editing and designing.

Safety Issues

Just go through the company’s safety policies, as your company may face some serious outcomes if the data is leaked or misplaced in any way.

Ask the company to confirm if it has considered signing the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with all its in-house as well as freelance translators for your project. Some companies have strict confidentiality processes in place to see that your data is under lock; go for those companies instead of companies with no safety policies.

Company’s International Presence

The company with more international presence, clients and multiple offices has high chances of getting your work done as you wish rather than a company with no international presence. Also, you could visit any of their offices if you have any kind of a muddle.

In-house Translators

According to this website, which has proven itself time by time, and in general most of the in-house translation companies; we know that the workforce builds the company’s fate be it good or bad. So, choose the company with talented and experienced translators. And also more the workforce more the chances of completing your project faster and before the deadline.

So, it sounds a little tough but by analyzing the potential companies you can find the best out of the good companies which can satisfy all the needs you were looking for.