How To Find The Best Coffee Maker For You

The world of coffee making is filled with many different types of tools that allow you to make different versions of your favorite coffee.

These tools come in the form of coffee makers which are essentially used to mix hot water with ground coffee and filter out the grinds. When looking for the best coffee makers, the largest factor to consider is the actual type of coffee you want.

So without further ado, let’s get to know all the types of coffee makers out there, and how to find the best one for you.

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Single Cup Coffee Makers

Single-cup coffee makers are the tools that help you make k-cup coffee, pod coffee, and disc coffee. But there is more to it than just making these types of coffee. Single-cup coffee makers work in a way that you buy a particular coffee maker, and then you buy the cups serving the coffee. However, the problem here is that if the particular coffee maker is designed for k-cups, then it won’t work with pods, and vice versa.

Drip Brewers

Onto the most common type of coffee maker on the market, the drip brewer. The drip brewer is a coffee maker that you’ve mostly seen it at work. It puts ground coffee in a paper filter, fill up the reservoir with water, and turn the brewer on. A drip brewer can make amazing coffee, so long as the water hits the ground coffee at the right temperature. However, according to Great Coffee Brewers, drip brewers make a pretty bad coffee if you drink it several hours after you’ve made it. This is why you buy drip brewers for the sole purpose of making just enough coffee for the amount you want to drink over the next thirty minutes or so. Every time you want to make a new cup of coffee, you make a fresh brew.

French Press

Onto one of the most iconic coffee makers out there, the French press can also be known as a press pot or coffee press.

A French press works in a simple way where you put ground coffee in the glass compartment, pour in hot water, put the lid back on, and press down the plunger after four to five minutes.

The process of making a cup of coffee through the French press is quite easy and we would have you know that it makes a pretty good cup of coffee.

The difference between a French press and the more expensive coffee makers is the fact that the more expensive options make the coffee-making process a little more convenient. The coffee is the same; the quality is the same although it does depend on the quality of the ground coffee.

Pour-Over Coffee Makers

The pour-over coffee maker gives you full control of the coffee-making process. You make coffee by adding a filter to the top part of the glass vessel, you add the ground coffee, and you pour in hot water.  The pour-over coffee maker is one of the simplest of coffee makers out there that produces quality coffee.